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Optimize Race Weight and Fuel Properly with Celine Evans

Celine Evans is a Registered Dietitian and qualified Sports Dietitian who has a passion for healthy food and lifestyle. This inspires and motivates her athletes to optimize their health and performance with practical advice to reach their goals. Celine grew up swimming competitively and enjoys an active lifestyle; she has participated in half marathons, trail run races and competed in the 2012 AG World Champ Triathlon in New Zealand. Being a mother of two with a busy life schedule, she understands the challenges faced for optimal fueling and will assist you in ‘eating smarter’ within your training, family and career commitments. Having been a flight attendant, she understands first hand the complexities of travel.

Her most recent roles include:

  • Performance Nutritionist at High Performance Sport New Zealand; fueling Wellington based NZ elite athletes and Netball team
  • Endurance Nutritionist for various athletes including sprint to ironman distance triathletes, competitive swimmers, marathoners and endurance cyclists
  • Sports Dietitian for Wellington Rugby Academy and NZ School of Dance
  • Professional Practice Fellow for Masters Dietetic students at University of Otago


  • BSc Dietetics Hons, MSc Hons in Human Nutrition
  • Grad. Diploma Sports Nutrition, International Olympic Committee
  • 11 years experience as Registered Dietitian
  • Improve energy levels, adjust body composition, training adaptation, recovery and race day nutrition plans
  • Demystify and optimize your nutrition through up to date, evidenced based research


My purpose is to assist athletes of all levels in maximizing their potential to achieve their goals. It is critical to understand life commitments, current food knowledge and confidence in the kitchen to progress. This holistic approach assists you in making better choices wherever you are; together we develop realistic and achievable goals to help you reach your long-term ambitions.


Celine’s willingness to ‘think outside the box’ to tailor nutritional advice to suit my individual training needs and lifestyle has made a huge difference.  I feel confident that my body is getting everything it needs to train and recover for optimal health and performance.  Celine turned all the science into day to day practical advice specific to my needs; I feel great and have had significant improvements in my training and performance.  Thanks so much Celine!  Natalie

Multiple NZ Age Group Triathlon Champion

Celine was charged with the goal of getting my weight down and getting me to eat more vegetables, all while I was undertaking significant sports training and requiring good energy levels. She achieved this and more!  Celine has an amazing ability to work within peoples fussy eating habits.  She gave practical advice about how to get nutritious meals into a busy lifestyle.  I was able to reduce my cravings for sugar and chocolate and get through my day with plenty of energy for after work exercise.  Specific race day nutrition was also discussed and made specific to my needs .  If you are looking for a nutrition expert who will work WITH you rather than just offer dietary advice, Celine is definitely the person for you!  I would highly recommend Celine for all your nutrition needs! – Angela


LifeSport Nutrition Coach Celine Evans is a nutritionist, registered dietitian and qualified sports dietitian. Contact Celine to optimize your race weight or fuel your performances.

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