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Celine Evans is a Registered Dietitian and qualified Sports Dietitian who has a passion for healthy food and lifestyle. This inspires and motivates her athletes to optimize their health and performance with practical advice to reach their goals. Celine grew up swimming competitively and enjoys an active lifestyle; she has participated in half marathons, trail run races and competed in the 2012 AG World Champ Triathlon in New Zealand. Being a mother of two with a busy life schedule, she understands the challenges faced for optimal fueling and will assist you in ‘eating smarter’ within your training, family and career commitments. Having been a flight attendant, she understands first-hand the complexities of travel.



Performance  -  $195/month

Personalized planning to optimize race weight, understand your metabolism, and tailor your meal choices.


Month 1

Personalized plan to fuel your training

Initial assessment –includes:

  • In depth review of Training Peaks and My Fitness Pal reports
  • calculated estimated energy requirements based on estimated BMR and training plan
  • education provided with a focus on the foundation of improving everyday nutrition to help promote body composition goals, training adaptation, recovery and performance potential
  • meal ideas, recipes and tips for everyday
  • food allergies and/or intolerances such as IBS/IBD, FODMAPS
  • macronutrient breakdown for meals and snacks
  • identification of potential micronutrient deficiencies and how to correct with diet first
  • interpretation of nutrition related blood results and application to health, performance and diet manipulation for improvements (if applicable)
  • supplement safety check (for any WADA prohibited substances and any OTC vitamins/minerals etc that should be prescribed to minimize chance of positive test
  • up to 2 athletes schedule/contact
  • diet manipulation for improvements


  • 1 Registered Dietician (RD) initiated  skype  follow up (30-45min)
  • weekly RD initiated nutrition review via email based on TrainingPeaks and MyFitnessPal logging
  • up to 2 athlete scheduled/initiated contact


Month 2

  • Hydration tips and guidelines for training and racing
  • More in-depth progression of nutrition aspects and day to day application
  • personalized hydration assessment
  • Receive a nutrition report’ based on application of goals set and aims moving forward


  • 1 RD initiated skype follow up (30-45min)
  • weekly RD initiated nutrition review via email based upon TrainingPeaks and MyFitnessPal logging
  • up to 2 athlete scheduled/initiated contact





Month 3

  • Recovery strategy tips and guidelines
  • Continued progression of nutrition aspects
  • Personalized recovery strategy assessment
  • Exploration of body’s metabolic fuel preferences & links to training and performance



  • 1 RD initiated  skype  follow up (30-45min)
  • weekly RD initiated nutrition review via email based on TrainingPeaks and MyFitnessPal
  • up to 2 athlete scheduled/initiated contact



Ongoing nutrition support/education

  • review of training peaks and my fitness pal reports every 3 months to ensure on track for goals set and update nutrition plan as required
  • RD developed race nutrition plan for specific races with preferred products, guidelines in day(s) leading up to goal event
  • sample meal plan with recipes
  • tips for eating out to maintain training and race goals
  • travel tips including time change, jet lag, airplane travel, fatigue, immune health, dehydration, hygiene (to prevent illness in more developing countries)
  • label reading- what to look for and how to pick the best products
  • More meal ideas, snack ideas and recipes based on athlete need
  • monthly athlete related education article on specific topic (time required for this not yet in price point)
  • review of diet history analysis every 3 months to ensure meeting training plan and update personalized nutrition plan as required
  • development of lifelong habits for a better you
  • potential supplements for performance enhancement (WADA and ITU safe)
  • emotional eating
  • Body composition manipulation
  • RD provides monthly updates on athlete progress and 'work ons' with training coach - with athlete's permission


  • 1 RD initiated  skype  follow up (30-45min)
  • up to 2 athlete scheduled/initiated contact



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