Injury Rehabilitation

Suffering from tendonitis or shin splints? Sore shoulders or back? Recovering from a bike crash? Do you want to return from injury strong and stable and ready to train hard again? LifeSport has the solution to get you healthy again, no matter where you live!

LifeSport Coach and Physical Therapist Marci Gray assess’ and treats athletes anywhere in the World. Based out of Tallahassee, FL, she has a background in multiple settings including: nursing homes, acute care (hospital), sub-acute care (rehab centres), pediatrics and outpatient orthopedic care. With this extensive background she has experience with all age groups ranging from infant to geriatric, and from the most inactive to the high level athlete.
Her current practice is outpatient orthopedics: working with and specializing in musculoskeletal pain and disorders.  In 2008 Marci began taking courses from the McKenzie Institute and in 2009 she become a certified McKenzie MDT clinician.  She is able to diagnose and treat any musculoskeletal problem in the body and has unique training that allows her to look at the body quite differently than a regular physical therapist, or for that matter, physician (primary, orthopedic, or neurological). The approach she takes first and foremost starts with a detailed history and specific question/answer session with a specific goal in mind.  From there she moves on to a physical assessment that involves strength testing, neurological testing, range of motion, and progressive loading of the joint/tissue. The response she gets from these tests allows her to determine whether she will keep to the path and progress or back off and change load or direction. This type of treatment is very successful and usually significantly reduces the number of visits, decreases costs associated with unnecessary testing (x-ray/MRI etc.), makes patients independent in their own care, and (if they are an athlete) gets them back to regular training quicker. Most importantly Marci is able to determine, within a visit or two, whether or not she can help her clients or if a specialist/further testing is required for continued management. With that said, she refers less than 5% of her patients out for any other management.

How the Process Works

Meetings are conducted over Skype or FaceTime and are available to all LifeSport athletes and coaches. Unlike most clinics, there are no wait lists. Start healing right away!

Visit 1  Assessment: Determined by what the individual tells Marci and where her questioning goes, a POC (Plan of Care) is created for them to leave with from this visit. In other words, they will be given (usually 1) motion to perform as prescribed. ***Note: This may alter a workout or change what they are doing for a short period of time. Example: if an individual is complaining of low back pain, they may ask not to ride in the aero position on the bike or refrain from flip turns in the pool. etc.

Visit 2 - Follow up: Usually within 3-7 days of the initial assessment, depending, Marci completes a reassessment of the athlete, makes sure their exercise is being done correctly (a lot of times its not...), and then either progresses force, change direction, etc.

Visit 3 till Discharge: Continued monitoring and adapting as needed including adding back in function that they may or may not be doing and discharging the athlete from care. On average, Marci's clinic patients complete 4-6 visits. By visit 3 (as long as the exercises are performed as prescribed) if they are atypical, they are recommend for further testing. 


Initial Assessment: $70.00

Follow-Up: $40.00 

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