Positive Run Pointers for Maximizing your 70.3

By LifeSport Coach Lucy Smith

As you go through your training sessions, allow yourself to think ahead to race day, and practice the way you want to feel and be emotionally, during the run. Having internalized good run habits, and a positive emotional mind set, will have great benefit during one of the last leg of the race. Read through the pointers below, and coach yourself to success during training and racing.

Be ready for the effort of running off the bike. In the last 10 minutes of your bike before a brick run, start thinking about running well and getting mentally ‘into it’.

As soon as possible off the bike try and hit your natural run cadence and pace. Relax and try to run naturally, checking that you are not tense or tight anywhere.

Keep your leg speed up as you tire and stay tall. Count run cadence and shoot for 90-95 steps per minute.

When running fast, think like a runner. Be efficient and keep your body moving forward fluidly with minimal side to side movement, bounding or shoulder rolling.

Drills will allow you to keep good form as fatigue sets in during races. Focus on quality during drills and it will transfer to efficient running in races and long sessions.

‘Energy flows where attention goes’. This means paying attention to what you are doing and doing it well. A strong heel lift? Visualize your heels lifting. See yourself moving well across the ground.

The body burns through carbohydrates in strenuous exercise and replacing calories lost has been proven to improve performance in endurance racing and training. Athletes who take in calories while training finish their long runs stronger and therefore receive a greater training effect. Taking a PowerBar gel with sips of water (200-400ml) every 30’ starting 30’ into the run is one of the easiest ways to replace calories and electrolytes lost through sweat

Tempo running is an excellent opportunity to become a better racer. A harder sustained effort in training allows you to work through discomfort while remaining positive. During this run, think ahead to running on race day, how you want to feel and move during the race. Pull in a ‘can do’ mindset with some excitement about the opportunity.

A relaxed body goes faster. Periodically check your shoulders, neck and face for tension. Exhale well.

Make friends with the hills during your training runs. Look to the crest and run up and over the hill with rhythm, using arms slightly more to drive the knees up the hill.

LifeSport Senior coach Lucy Smith is an NCCP level 3 certified triathlon coach.  Lucy is a 15 time Canadian Champion and internationally ranked athlete in triathlon, duathlon, and distance running. Lucy has coached athletes to podium finishes in Ironman (elite and age group), Olympic distance, Triathlon, Duathlon and distance running.To Contact Lucy or find more great training tips by visiting us on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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