2016 IRONMAN South America Champion

Brent McMahon Reflects on Record Setting Performance

Last weekend, LifeSport pro athlete Brent McMahon, decisively won the Ironman South American Championships in Florianopolis, Brasil. His victory automatically earns him a berth in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii this October where he will be an athlete to watch.

From Victoria BC, McMahon’s 7:46:10 finish time was impressive across all three disciplines. He was third out of the water in 47:47 which put him in the lead group of 9 who came out together. Through torrential rain, he went to the front on the bike riding away from his competitors and entering T2 first. His 4:11 bike was the fastest of the day by over 10 minutes! He didn’t stop there and went on to increase his lead, finishing with an impressive race best 2:42:52 marathon!

This performance marks McMahon’s third time going under the eight- hour mark leaving him with a total of 3 sub-eight hour races in 5 IRONMANS. His finishing time was only 12 seconds off of the fastest ever IRONMAN race.

“Athletes have a few races in their career where everything clicks. This was one of those days. I feel really proud of the hard work and preparation we did for this races as Coach-Athlete, and it was super rewarding to share that record breaking day with Brent”, said Lance Watson, LifeSport Head Coach.

Recap from Brent as posted on the LifeSport Coaching Facebook page;

Emotions are settling and it's finally starting to sink in what happened Sunday. It's been a busy couple of days of recovery, awards, media and travel.

I approached this ironman as I have all my other ones with the same focus and desire to succeed and push myself to my limits. The difference this time was that I was able to do it from start to finish.

People talk about when things just "click" in a race and everything goes to plan. An ironman I believe will never be just that, even if things click, there is an enormous amount of will and perseverance needed to just keep going to complete the distance, and that's why it is so rewarding. So when things click as they did on Sunday, it's just a little bit easier to encourage yourself to keep going to that well throughout the race.

Even though things clicked I still had a few rough patches on the bike where I slowed and had to regather myself and find a way to relax and ride more efficiently until rhythm and power returned. Every ironman is going to have ups and downs and it's how you manage these that will ultimately bring you to the finish line. Sunday my nutrition and hydration was almost perfect which allowed me to maintain mental focus and thus able to keep pushing my muscles. These two things plus the confidence in my training and experience from my other Ironman's are what allowed me to go the speed I did Sunday.

I didn't start the race thinking I was going to be chasing a world record, especially when we started the bike in the pouring rain. I just went about my plan and pushed myself the entire day and I ended up just on the heels of the world record for an Ironman event. I am not disappointed but encouraged to have the knowledge now that I have the ability to chase it at another date.

There were a large number of people that helped get my mind and body ready for this event. They have all been on my team for a long time and I can't thank them enough. I look forward to thanking them all in person and sharing who each of them are in the next while.

My awesome sponsors have also allowed me to go after these performances with complete confidence. They provide the best products to do this job but also the support I need to completely commit to the training and preparation to win these events. Without them and my support group at home and around the world, none of this would be possible.

I'll have a more in depth look at how the actual execution of the race went once I've been home for a day and had some sleep. Right now, I am just happy, excited and thankful for the opportunity to do what I love and have it go so well!

LifeSport head coach Lance Watson has coached Brent for over 20 years, from a junior triathlete to one of the top Elite athletes in the World. 

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