Meet LifeSport Coach Marci Gray

Renowned Physical Therapist, 3 times USAT All American Athlete and Ultraman competitor!

Marci Gray is a full time outpatient orthopedic physical therapist, USAT Certified Coach, mother of 4 and triathlete.  As a physical therapist, she specializes in orthopedic injuries and preventative medicine. Trained by the McKenzie Institute, she is a Certified MDT clinician and brings this on board with her coaching. In addition to Triathlon coaching, Marci currently serves as LifeSport’s Rehab Coach as well, assisting other coaches in working through an injury without losing time as an athlete.  As a mother of 4, Marci also understands time management and making the most of every minute of a training session in order to balance life as a parent and athlete, understanding that life happens and training can be changed in order to meet your life needs while still achieving your athletic goals. As a triathlete, she understands the focus and drive athletes have to be better, get stronger, become more efficient and succeed in whatever their goals may be.

Marci has competed in triathlon since 2009 and has achieved 3x Team USA qualification in Olympic distance. She is a USAT All American Athlete as well.  She coached a youth team for 3 years, moving into the adult coaching in 2013. She a USAT Certified Coach as well as a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1998) where she proceeded to become Certified as a MDT level Clinician (2008). Marci has competed in all distances of Triathlon and served on crews for 2014 & 2015 Ultraman Florida- an endurance event that requires a much different level of nutrition and training than IM.  Marci believes in nutrition as the 4th discipline and works with athletes on fueling for any distance. Marci has coached all levels of athlete as well and can tailor programs from the newest of athlete to those that want to podium.


  • B.S. in Physical Therapy 1998
  • Certified MDT PT by McKenzie Institute, 2008
  • USAT Certified Coach
  • Revolutions Kids Team Tri-coach (3 years), Adult Coach (2 years)
  • LifeSport Performance Coach, and Rehab Coach
  • 4x Age Group National Championship Competitor
  • 3x Team USA Qualifier
  • USAT All American Athlete

Marci Gray is a licensed Physical Therapist and owner of her own outpatient private practice. She is McKenzie Certified and a USAT All American. Marci has competed in races from sprint distance to Ultraman and has been a USAT Team USA qualifier 3x for Olympic distance.

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