Meet LifeSport Coach Errol Kalayci

IRONMAN U Certified, USAT Certified Coach and Lawyer

Errol Kalayci is a successful coach, businessman, lawyer, married father of three young girls and has been involved in competitive sports his entire life. He has a thorough understanding of life's demands on goal oriented age group triathletes, and possesses the experience and knowledge of how to balance these demands with achieving sport goals. Errol has been involved in endurance sports as a competitive triathlete since 2003. During this time, Errol co-founded a Triathlon Club, served in various leadership roles for it and another non-profit organization focused on sport for children, obtained his USAT Coaching certification, and has been mentored by National and Olympic coach Lance Watson for more than a decade. Living in South Florida, he currently works with athletes at the Performance level.


  • USAT Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Mentored for over a decade by International Triathlon Coach Lance Watson
  • Licensed Attorney, Real Estate Broker, Contractor
  • World Renowned Scuba Instructor & Explorer - Global Underwater Explorers
  • Member - The Explorer's Club
  • Former high-level soccer player
  • Top Ranked Clydesdale Triathlete
  • SABR Soccer Coach of the Year
  • Ironman Certified Coach


"To share my knowledge and practical experience in whatever way is necessary for each athlete to not only achieve their dreams, but also maintain a fulfilling and sustainable sport journey that fits their lifestyle."


LifeSport coach Errol Kalayci is a USAT certified coach who is a top ranked Clydesdale triathlete. Errol has been involved in competitive sports since 2003. Errol enjoys coaching athletes of all levels and understand how to work training into every lifestyle. Contact Errol   to share your goals, race faster, or master the Ironman distance.

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