A New Start for 2017

A Long Term Plan for Success!

OK, so your habits during the holiday season didn’t exactly go according to plan…and now you vow to eat better and get back to your training regime from the 1st January. It can be hard work to stick to resolutions; in my experience best results for developing lifelong habits occur when you focus on being consistent with 1-2 goals at a time. This method avoids doing a major lifestyle overhaul that is followed religiously for a few weeks and then habits gradually fall apart back to square one. Here are 5 tips to get you started with regard to food/health.

  1. Include more fish in your diet; the health benefits of fish include: low saturated fat, high in omega three (anti-inflammatory and good for your brain) and overall heart healthy choices.  Aim to choose lower mercury fish for 2-3 meals/week; these include salmon, sardines, char, Atlantic mackerel and rainbow trout, canned skipjack tuna
    • Make tuna salad mix for sandwiches or crackers. Mix tuna, plain yogurt, small amount of mayo, finely diced onion and pickles
    • Wrap whole salmon or fillet in tin foil, add some grated ginger and maple syrup and throw on the BBQ or oven
  2. Colour your plate at each meal; try to include dark green veggies daily along with orange veggies; they are high in folate and vitamin A respectively as well as other vitamins and minerals. They also contain fiber which helps keep you satisfied for longer.
    • Fresh, mixed frozen or pre-washed salads can be the base of any meal; just add some lean protein + wholegrain or potato for an easy meal
    • Chop celery, carrots and leave in water in container; easy to grab a handful for snack or lunches with hummus or tzaziki
  3. Hydrate; adequate hydration is important for many body functions right to the cellular level; this include: effective digestion and nutrient absorption, temperature regulation, optimal brain function and overall energy.
  • Have a bottle at your desk and in the car; check amount consumed at 12pm; if >half full – get drinkin!
  • Herbal tea is a great way to enjoy non-caffeinated drinks throughout the winter
  1. Eat more wholegrains; these are generally less refined and contain more fiber. They help with bowel regularity, reduce cholesterol and increase satiety. As it is more slowly digested, this makes it a lower glycemic index choice.
  • Swap white rice for brown basmati rice, quinoa, barley
  • Choose breads made with whole wheat or sprouted grains
  1. Make vegetarian meals a weekly habit; this is a great way to help the pocketbook, waistline and overall health.  These options are good protein sources, contain fiber and heart healthy fats. Beans and lentils can be easily tossed into sauces, stews, soups, dips. Tofu is also a great option to include every so often.
    • Toss chick peas to your spaghetti sauce with a variety of veggies
    • Make a black bean quesadilla (mash them with finely diced onion, cajun spice add salsa for consistency then top with grated cheese, spoon onto tortilla, place 2nd tortilla on top and place in pan and cook on both sides until golden and cheese melts and cut into pizza wedges

LifeSport Nutrition coach Celine Evans is a qualified sports dietitian. Celine has worked with high performance teams in New Zealand including Rugby, marathoners and endurance cyclists. She has 11 years’ experience in sports nutrition and her grad diploma in Sports Nutrition from the. Contact Coach Celine to share your goals, race faster, or master the Ironman distance. 

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