Meet LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

IRONMAN U Certified, NCCP Certified and Head Coach of Master Swim

Dan Smith is an NCCP and IRONMAN U Certified Triathlon Coach with over 20 years coaching experience. He has been around endurance and high-performance sport his entire life, and has also coached/instructed sailing, boardsailing and snowboarding. For the past 9 years along with being LifeSport’s local head coach, Dan has been the face of the LifeSport Masters swim group and the Indoor Cycling program at Saanich Commonwealth Place. As well he leads weekly Saturday morning interval runs. He has guided many of his athletes to achieve their goals whether at local events or at Ironman and 70.3 World Championships.


Besides coaching, he is a top AG contender in all distances of triathlon having competed in Ironman, 70.3 and Xterra World Championships. Complementing his extensive sport experience is his technical knowledge, especially in cycling, having been involved in that industry for many years. Dan is LifeSport's technical equipment expert and at the leading edge of bicycle industry knowledge for power, bike fit and aerodynamics. 



  • NCCP Triathlon Comp Intro
  • Training Peaks University
  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Face of the LifeSport Masters Swim Group and the Indoor Cycling Program
  • LifeSport’s Head Coach
  • Top AG Contender
  • LifeSport’s Technical Equipment Expert
  • IRONMAN U Certified Coach



"My coaching philosophy is to develop a realistic training plan that fits in each athlete’s life. Every racer is different and has unique needs. A coach must strive to find that balance of training and recovery, while including the many other aspects of life, that allows the athlete to achieve their goals. Training and racing must be enjoyable, otherwise long term development will be cut short. Physiological adaptation, nutrition and seasonal planning are all based on science, but I also have years of competition experience in different sports to draw from, as there are many aspects of racing that you don’t find out or appreciate unless you are there."


LifeSport coach Dan Smith is a NCCP certified triathlon coach whose experience over 20 years has lead athletes to secure a spot in Kona and hit the podium on a consistent basis. Dan’s knowledge and experience allows him to customize a program for beginners to pro athletes. Contact Dan to share your goals, race faster, or master the Ironman distance. Find more great training tips by joining us on;

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