Meet LifeSport Portland, Oregon Coach Christian Isakson

Christian Isakson has six years of coaching experience and has competed as an endurance athlete for over eleven years. 


Not only a coach and athlete, Christian is committed to those in need using sport as a catalyst for change. Isakson has traveled from Haiti to Africa developing medical clinics, ministering, and serving. 


Serve. Race. Coach. Give.

I feel passionte about helping my athletes reach their personal goals.

It's more than just coaching. 

It's building a relationhip that is centered around your growth.

In sport and life.


Racing doesn't define Christian, though, it does give him drive. Sport has helped him make a difference in the lives of his family and in service of the Ameena Project.


Christian's race history highlights include:

  • HRP Certified Coach/Heart Rate Performance

  • ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach

  • Multi-time USAT All-American

  • Team USA Triathlon Member

  • World Championship Qualifier

  • 3x Ultraman finisher (top finishing being 2nd overall at Ultraman Florida)

  • Epic 5 triathlon

  • IRONMANU Certified Coach


Christian works as a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic, is a devoted family man married 23 years, and a father of two. Isakson is a master at time management and utilizes a common sense approach to coaching his athletes.




“I believe that an athlete needs to place priorities in order. It gets messy if you’re not careful—quickly. It’s so easy to be stupid when you have a goal, dream, and a vision….Yes, I’ll push my athletes to get to where they desire, but not at the expense of other aspects of life (family, work, rest). It’s no good at all to get to the top and feel like everything else is at the bottom.”




Sam Duke

"Christian has been the single biggest influence in my training, racing, and overall fitness. My strength, speed, and endurance have all seen great improvements as well as my understanding of training in general.  His wisdom and encouragement have been invaluable to me.  His wisdom comes from years of experience and his encouragement is grounded in truth…not flattery.  I look forward to years of training under his wing!”


Brandon Phillips

"With Christian’s coaching and encouragement, I have completes three half-marathons, four marathons, two ultra-marathons, a duathlon, and two triathlons. As the distances and complexities increased, Christian helped me with gear, daily nutrition, and race-day fuel. In addition to these necessities, Christian taught me what to expect physically and emotionally during races and how to deal with it. Christian’s racing experience has provided him with unique insight into the physical and emotional obstacles that, without preparation, can become incapacitating to any runner or triathlete. One can’t help but be inspired and encouraged after every conversation with Christian. Christian helped me discover potential and abilities within myself that I would have never known had it not been for his coaching and mentorship."




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