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Non only is Coach Marci Gray an accomplished coach, she has been a physical therapist for 15 years who specializes in orthopedic injuries and preventative medicine. Marci trained with the McKenzie Institute and in 2008 became a Certified MDT clinician. Her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is a huge asset to her coaching, in prevention, resolution and maintenance of injury in the athletes she works with.

As a coach, physical therapist, mother, and athlete, Marci also understands time management and making the most of every minute of a training session in order to balance life.  Understanding that life happens, Marci can adjust training schedules for the benefit of the athlete in order to meet their life needs while still achieving their athletic goals. By adding in something as simple as 30 minutes of strength training, correctly and with specific goals, a day that might have been a wash turns into a much needed neuromuscular workout and can be just as beneficial.  As a triathlete, she understands the focus and drive athletes have to be better, get stronger, become more efficient and succeed in whatever their goals may be.

Marci is USAT Coaching Certified, and has had success as a triathlete as well, being recognized as a USAT All American Athlete since 2011. She had World Record experience as a part of Coach Chuck Kemeny's crew that during his Ultraman World Record breaking performance. This included being his run pacer for 33 of the 52.4 mile run. Marci enjoys coaching beginner and experienced triathletes for all distances. 

Coaching Philosophy:
I want to be a positive role model and inspire my athletes to be the best they can be and believe in themselves. I think the sport of triathlon tests the limit of what we can do. Usually in this sport, we are weaker in one of the three disciplines but we got into it for a reason, to see what our potential could be. 

I have been a triathlete for just over 2 years now and in November 2013 I completed my first full Ironman in Panama City Beach. Prior to the race, an acquaintance Marci Gray, (now coach) came up to me, we chatted and then she offered me invaluable information for 20 minutes about what to do, and NOT do in a full Ironman!  

Her helpfulness, advice and positivity stuck with me after that race, and I talked to her about coaching me, it's been 6 months since then, and those 6 months have given me some of the most drastic improvements I've seen in my athletic career.  Right on time, she has given me week after week of challenging, considered and difficult workouts that help push me to my limits.  If I ever can't make certain workouts or days of training, she helps me work around my schedule and find the times and ways to help me the most.  

Not being a high school or college swimmer, my form and technique left ... A little bit to be desired, swim lessons and check-ups from Marci have been key in helping me make rapid gains in the water especially.

Marci is an extremely supportive coach and has helped me make leaps and bounds towards my goals in a safe and "me" focused manner. I would recommend her to any future athletes she might train, or employers who take her on in a heartbeat.
~ Michael Stribling

I have been working with Marci Gray for almost 9 months. In September of 2013, upon signing up for my second Ironman in 2014, I knew I really did not want to go through the mentally painful process of planning my own workouts and began wondering if I needed a coach. Marci was the perfect fit for me and I officially signed her on. The fact that I never thought I would want or need a coach speaks volumes of my faith in Marci and what I believe she is capable of. During the past 9 months, I have seen tremendous improvements across all three sports. She is extremely motivated for me to reach my goals, and reminds me every day. She is always within reach whether I have a questions, concern or just need a boost in confidence. I am excited to see how far she will take me in accomplishing my dreams.
~ Jason Venema

LifeSport Coach Marci Gray resides in Florida and has coached AG athletes at all levels and abilities.  Marci goes that extra mile to help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in working with Marci, please contact her at

Beginner and experienced triathletes looking to start or improve their performances are invited to join the LifeSport team.


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