Introducing Coach Carolyn Murray

Olympian, Nationally Recognized Coach joins the LifeSport team.

Olympian Carolyn Murray has been both an athlete and coach in High Performance for over 15 years. She completed a Kinesiology degree at Simon Fraser University while competing in varsity Track & Field. She was part of a strong Women's team who were the first to win all three NAIA titles of Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor, while winning both individual events of 800m and 1500m. Carolyn switched focus to triathlon and with the guidance of LifeSport Coach Paul Regensburg, was a long time member of the Senior National Team. She ended her triathlon career by winning the ITU World Cup event in Richards Bay, South Africa and competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Soon after, Carolyn was recruited to start coaching with the National Triathlon Center. She has been to several World Championship events as a coach. To round out her incredible coaching experience, in 2014 she was appointed Head Coach for the Paratriathlon National Team and will guide these athletes to the first Paralympics for triathlon in Rio, 2016.

Coaching & Certification:

  • Gold Coast Australia World Championships 2009 Guatemala Junior Coach
  • Budapest, Hungary World Champs 2010 Canada Junior Coach
  • Auckland, New Zealand World Champs 2012 Canada U23 Coach
  • Edmonton, Canada World Champs 2014 Canada Para Head Coach
  • National Triathlon Center Senior Development Coach 2012-2014
  • National Coaching Certification Program(NCCP) CompDev Certified
  • BSc. Kinesiology
  • Registered Acupuncturist

Athletic Highlights:

  • Montreal World Championships 1999 (Age group)
  • North Carolina Duathlon World Championships 1999 (Age Group)
  • Edmonton World Championships 2001 (Age Group)
  • Madeira Portugal Elite World Championships 2004
  • Gamagori, Japan Elite World Championships 2005
  • Lausanne, Switzerland Elite World Championships 2006
  • Hamburg, Germany Elite World Championships 2007
  • Vancouver, Canada Elite World Championships 2008
  • Beijing, China Olympic Games 2008

Philosophy: I have 4 key words that I believe are critical for athletic success.

  • Intent: I coach because it is my passion to provide the framework and foundation to achieve excellence: The athlete must have intent and desire to push themselves beyond what they think is possible and be open to taking risks.
  • Perseverance: this is not an easy path but the rewards are outstanding. We learn the most when we fail, it is how we react to failure that will take us to success. Even on our best days there will be challenges that must be overcome. 
  • Patience: success will not arrive overnight - consistent, attention to detail is essential. Each day is an opportunity to become a better athlete and have a greater purpose
  • Communication: Open communication is the key to the partnership of an athlete and coach.


"Carolyn Murray is a great coach! Carolyn draws on her extensive experience to provide the best individualized training for each of her athletes. I have never enjoyed working so hard before!  She helps me prepare carefully for races so I can enjoy competition.  Carolyn is also personable and caring; I trust her planning implicitly. Being a high performance coach for many years, having a Kinesiology degree, and as a former Olympian, she understands how athletes' bodies work."

"Carolyn has been a part of my triathlon career since I started in the sport in 2008. Carolyn is exceptional because she understands the sport from two perspectives. As a triathlete that represented Canada at the Olympic games, Carolyn understands the demands and challenges of being an elite athlete. Working with elite triathletes, she also knows what it takes to be a dedicated, diligent and successful coach. One of Carolyn's strongest attributes is her ability to build relationships with her athletes through continuous communication. She respects that every athlete is unique and she has the ability to cater to individual strengths and weaknesses as well as different personalities. I am so grateful to have had Carolyn by my side over the last 6 years."

LifeSport Coach Carolyn Murray enjoys coaching athletes of all skill levels, in any community around the world.  Contact Carolyn to tackle your first triathlon or to perform at a higher level. Find more tips on @LifeSportCoach.

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