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Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mark Shorter is an NCCP certified triathlon coach who has completed over 88 marathons to date with a PR of 2:38. He began doing triathlons in 1982 and has completed over 40 Ironman races with a PR of 10:02, winning national age group championships along the way.  He has been coaching with LifeSport for over 6 years.

Mark started as an NCCP Gymnastics coach and coached in Lower mainland Community Centres in the 1970's and 1980's and was a coach of the U.B.C. women's gymnastics team in the late 1970's. Mark graduated from University of British Columbia with a Bachelor in Physical Education and began working in the recreation/run/triathlon world when he attended UBC in 1974-1978. When he graduated university he worked in recreation as Assistant Sports & Fitness Coordinator for Richmond Leisure Services for 2 years, then he moved to Vancouver Parks Board and worked as a Recreation Programmer at Dunbar and Kerrisdale Community Centers until 1985. He has been coaching athletes in running and triathlon for over 30 years. A number of his athletes have succeeded at National Triathlon championships, the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, Long Course ITU Worlds and Ironman 70.3 worlds.

Mark has had a number of athletes succeed at National Triathlon Championships, the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, Long Course ITU Worlds and Ironman 70.3 Worlds. Mark attends dozens of races each season around North America and loves to travel to work in person with his athletes at events or in their training ground. In 2012 5 of Mark's athletes from 5 different states joined him in racing Ironman Arizona.

Premier level coaching is ideal for athletes of all levels who would like an interactive coaching relationship with specific attention to their life and training requirements.  Our Premier level coaches are all top, Expert Regional Level Coaches; LifeSport Educated and Mentored; having a long track record of Age Group athlete successes with more than 10+ years of coaching experience.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, having a professional coach on your side will enable you to surpass your racing goals. Our athletes have achieved goals they never thought possible: Kona, Worlds, new best times, first Ironmans, improving their weakest sport and more! Our comprehensive coaching packages can be tailored to you, with a focus on Triathlon, Running or Cycling/Gran Fondo.

Premier Coach, Mark Shorter will custom build a training plan for his athletes and review daily. Included is heart rate, pace and power analysis; as well performance nutrition analysis and feedback, strength and weight training, plus adding cross training opportunities if available. Each athlete's program is frequently reviewed and adjusted where necessary.

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Coach Mark's Philosophy -

"I believe that triathlon is a great testing ground for all of us, it gives us a chance to measure ourselves against the clock and other athletes in a safe, fun environment".

Testimonial -
"I first had the chance to work with Mark last summer at LifeSport's Louisville IM weekend camp. His advice has been great. Having an experienced coach custom build a plan around my schedule and goals enables me to utilize my limited time more effectively. I can train rather than figure out what to do next. I'm certain I've progressed faster than I could have otherwise and will be well prepared for this year's Boston Marathon and Louisville IM".
Hance, Kentucky USA
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