Ironman Podium for Coach Bruce

Oldest Athlete to Compete In Copenhagen!

On August 23 LifeSport coach Bruce Regenburg took part in the IRONMAN 70.3 Copenhagen World Championships. The course passes many of the picturesque city's historic landmarks, such as the world-famous Opera House, the Little Mermaid statue, Amalienborg Palace and the New Harbour waterfront. Coach Bruce not only was the oldest athlete to race at the age of 72 but won his age group with a time of 13:54:30.

The swim is a 3.8 km one-lap course in the lagoon at Amager Beach Park with excellent spectator views from the shores, as well as atop the three picturesque bridges perched above the action.

For the 180 km bike ride, athletes rode through central Copenhagen before heading north on two loops in the rolling hills of the island's northern countryside, where lush farmlands create a scenic tour. 

Once back in downtown Copenhagen, athletes dismounted their bikes next to King's New Square where this might have been the T2 in the world, as athletes handed over their bikes and began the run in just over 50 seconds.

The four-lap run course stretches along the city’s harbor, lined with bright 17th and 18th-century row houses and more than 150,000 cheering fans. Copenhageners celebrate the triathletes in front of the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg Castle, creating a tremendous crowning moment for every finisher.

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