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Swim Fit - 2017 Winter Program

Saanich Commonwealth Place

Ages: 16 & up

SwimFit is a basic swim stroke improvement session that is ideal for novice or intermediate swimmers who would like to improve their technique and fitness.  If you can swim 50 meters, we can do the rest. A great start for those who would like to complete a triathlon. Designed and led by experienced coaches.

For more information call 250-744-3648

Saanich Commonwealth Place

799819                        Mon Wed        Jan 4 - Feb 22             10:15am-11:30am   15/$115

799820                        Mon                 Jan 4 - Feb 20             10:15am-11:30am     7/$69

799821                        Mon Wed        Feb 27 - Apr 20           10:15am-11:30am   16/$119

799822                        Mon                 Feb 27 - Apr 17           10:15am-11:30am     8/$79

799823                        Mon Wed        Apr 24 - Jun 12           10:15am-11:30am   16/$119

799824                        Mon                 Apr 24 - Jun 14           10:15am-11:30am     8/$79


Masters Swim -2017 Winter Program

Ages: 16 & up

Swim your best this year!  The Masters Swim Program is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon until 1 pm.  All levels of swimmers are welcome.  If you can only make 2 of the swims – not a problem!  Become a better swimmer, this is the best place to do it!  Based on a structured swim progression and includes stroke improvement. Designed and led by certified coaches.

For more info, call 250-744-3648

Saanich Commonwealth Place

799816                        Mon Wed Fri*  Jan 4 – Jun 30           12:00pm-1:00pm        77/$399

799817                        Mon Wed Fri   Jan 4 – Mar 31           12:00pm-1:00pm        38/$229

799818                        Mon Wed Fri*  Apr 3 – Jun 30           12:00pm-1:00pm        34/$199

*The Masters sessions are Monday and Wednesday only after May 27th.


Indoor Bike Training

Indoor Bike Training

Looking to build fitness and have a fun bike workout? Programs are developed and led by Certified Cycling and Triathlon Coaches.  The sessions consist of progressive workouts that are designed to improve your outdoor cycling, whether it is racing or recreational.  Thursday night sessions also include an optional run after the ride. The trainer sessions are Thursday only after March 31st. All abilities welcome – must bring your own bike and stationary trainer. For more info, call 250-744-3648

For more info, call 250-744-3648

Saanich Commonwealth Place

799810                        Tues & Thurs              Jan 3 - May 25            6:00-7:15pm   34/$259

799811                        Tues & Thurs              Jan 3 - Mar 30            6:00-7:15pm   24/$199

799812                        Tues                            Jan 3 - Mar 28            6:00-7:00pm   13/$129

799813                        Thurs                           Jan 5 - Mar 30            6:00-7:15pm   13/$129

XXXXXX                        Thurs                           Jan 5 - May 25            6:00-7:15pm   21/$199

XXXXXX                        Thurs                           Apr 6 - May 25            6:00-7:15pm   8/$79


*The Masters sessions are Monday and Wednesday only after May 27th.

Saturday Morning run workout - Free!

Designed for all abilities of runners to increase your run fitness with interval training in a coached environment.  Perfect for fitness building, improving your times in the local running races and triathlons.

Different distances and workouts to suit all levels. 

Location and Time: Every Saturday morning 9:30am. Beaver Lake –

Meet in Lower Parking Lot (the gravel one at 0 Km trail marker)


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