Age Group Success: A Show of True Determination
The Story of LifeSport Athlete Rose Lenser

The dream began back in 2013 for LifeSport athlete Rose Lenser.  In the past she had competed in a few triathlons and run a few half/full marathons.  When she heard about a race that brought Indigenous people together to challenge themselves at the 70.3 distance though, she knew she had to do that race too.  For that year, Rose committed and trained herself for her dream race, New Zealand's IronMaori.  Sadly, just days before the race, she was forced to cancel due to her father's serious illness.

  In spite of the loss of her father in late 2013, Rose persevered with her triathlon dreams, taking her training a step further by signing up with LifeSport Coaching, with Bruce Regensburg as her coach.  Rose made steady improvements throughout the course of the year and, in the summer of 2014, went on to complete the Victoria 70.3.  Her eyes, however, were still set on Napier, NZ.

  Determined to realize her dream of racing in the beautiful land of Aotearoa, Rose signed up for the IronMaori again that year.  To say that she simply went on to finished what she started would be a major understatement!  In December 2014, Rose made the journey and completed the 2 km ocean swim, 90 km bike ride, and 21 km run in a time of 6 hours and 26 minutes; a full 40 minutes faster than her time in the Victoria race just six months earlier!

   Rose is a true role model for many, including the First Nations people in the Wet'suwet'en and Squamish Nations, of which she is a part of.  She has shown great strength and determination over these last couple years and LifeSport is very proud to have this medical doctor, wife, and mother of three as one of our athletes.

  Congratulations and well done Rose!

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