Justin Royer - Triathlon Changed My Life

From An Overweight Smoker to a Podium Finisher!

Just a few years ago, Justin was overweight and smoking like a chimney.  He despised going on walks - let alone running or participating in triathlons. About two and a half year ago, his wife started running and Justin knew it was time for a change.  He made up his mind that it was time to kick the smoking habit and to start working out.  He began going to a gym and doing light treadmill and elliptical work.  Shortly afterwards, he joined the local tri club to learn more about triathlons.  

It was spring of 2014 when he first met Coach Chuck, at a training camp Chuck was hosting in Panama City Beach, Florida. Coach Chuck recalls his first meeting with Justin:  "He told me that he had planned to participate in just the swim and the bike during the camp because he was battling a leg injury".

Coach Chuck offered Justin advice on some alternative training methods that would allow him to minimize the loss of his running fitness while he recovered from his leg injury.  

The two of them hit it off at the camp.  Shortly after the camp, Justin hired Coach Chuck.  Under Chuck's guidance, Justin is now injury free and has transformed as an athlete.  He went from an athlete struggling to finish a triathlon to competing for the podium.  This transformation came about as Coach Chuck provided Justin structured workouts - personalized and optimized to fit Justin's schedule.  He also suggested technique changes to his swimming and running form, and dialed in his workout and race nutrition.

Justin hasn't even been with Chuck a full year and he has gone from a 22:27.99 5K to a 19:33.71 5K.  His half marathon has gone from 1:37:02 to 1:28:07.  He recently completed IM New Orleans 70.3 @ 4:46:54.  His most recent triathlon was Gulf Coast 70.3, where he finished in 4:43:55 and got 5th in his age group.  

Justin's "A" race this year will be his first full Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky. Good luck Justin!

LifeSport coach Chuck Kemeny has coached athletes from beginner to champion level in all World Championship distances.  He is also the current world record holder for the Ultraman triathlon.  Chuck enjoys coaching athletes of all levels. Contact Chuck to tackle your first triathlon or to perform at a higher level. Find more tips on Twitter @LifeSportCoach

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