The Legacy Program to Kona!

Philip Jones Resiliency Has Paid Off!

LifeSport Coach Dan Smith has been working with Phillip Jones of Dallas, Texas for almost eight years. When they started, Phillip was looking for guidance specifically in regards to nutrition, especially for the Ironman distance, having suffered GI issues at his previous two races. Since then we have gone on to complete more than a dozen Ironman races, enough that he has secured a slot at World Championships this year through the Legacy Program. Phillip is remarkably consistent and resilient, together coach and athlete have found the right balance of training load and recovery that has allowed him to achieve his ultimate goal of racing in Hawaii.

What follows is a short interview with Phillip.

1) How do you balance the training with your full work/travel schedule as well as family? 

I’ve worked in the public arena and travel industry for the last 25 years so I learned quickly after college that time management is essential to balance work, travel, family and personal pursuits.  Honing those skills has been essential to success – that and having a fantastic assistant like Fanny Writesel and a great coach, Dan Smith.

 2) What is your favourite race that that you have completed and why?

Ironman Australia in 2013,’ 14 and ’15, followed by Ironman Mont-Tremblant in 2012 and ’14. “The locations are stunning, the courses challenging and the support from the communities overwhelming.”

3) Favourite workout? One that has helped your success the most?

Leading up to a  major race, I know I’m ready when I complete a couple of  6 ½ hour bike rides followed by a 1 hour brick run.

 4) Most interesting/bizarre  training experience in a foreign country?

It’s hard to pick just one.  As for training experience, I’d have to choose one at Eagle Mountain in rural Texas when, biking on  a long  uphill ride, a dog came out of nowhere in front of me and flipped my bike after I hit him (both of us survived).  As for actual competition in other countries, Ironman 2006 in Nice was the hardest when I was stung by jellyfish on the swim, crashed on descent and flipped my bike on the ride and had extreme digestive issues on the run, requiring treatment in the medical tent.  I still finished and have been hooked on Ironman from that moment. Then, there was the time in Regensburg, Germany when my wetsuit ripped one minute before the swim began.  Thanks to an effective Help Desk and duct tape, I completed the swim with no other problems.

 5) Favourite place to run? Ride?

Run:  Stanley Park in Vancouver, Sydney Harbor/Bridge, Hyde Park in London and Town Lake in Austin, TX.

Ride: Yountville in the Napa Valley -  great cycling in the area,  followed closely by Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country.

 6 ) How long have you had the Kona dream? 

I have competed in triathlons all over the world including Ironman competitions in France, Arizona, California, Florida, Germany, Idaho, Texas, Utah, Canada and Australia.  But Kona has been on my bucket list since I completed my first Iron Man in 2006.

LifeSport Coach Dan Smith has guided many of his athletes to achieve their goals whether at local events or at Ironman and 70.3 World Championships.  He enjoys coaching athletes of all levels. Contact Dan to tackle your first triathlon or to perform at a higher level. Find more tips on Twitter @LifeSportCoach

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