LifeSport Athletes Earn their Spots in Whistler for Ironman World Championships

Jan Trojanowski, had an incredible race winning his 35-39 AG by over 10 minutes! His effort gave him the 5th amateur position and 15th overall! LifeSport coach Dan Smith used his strong swim and bike to secure a comfortable margin before the run to take the men's 50-54AG. LifeSport athlete Chris Stephenson, overcame a 1:24 swim and following a solid bike, ran quickly to whittle the deficit to place second in the same age group. Jan is coached by Dan Smith and Chris is coached by Lance Watson.


Other notable performances were Michelle Ball 5th in women s 45-49, Andrew Gunn taking over 30 minutes off his previous best and hitting his goal of sub 11:00 and Dianne Kaltenegger finished 7th in her age group. This was one of her toughest Ironman races, and like so many other athletes out there, the slower than usual time just highlights the resolve and commitment Ironman athletes have to finish what they start!


Ironman is not just about being tops in an age group, for many athletes their first time at the Ironman distance is about getting through the training, completing the distance on race day and finishing strong. Janice Meek, Jennifer King and Clover Arden, all in their first Ironman’s, surpassed their expectations and finished with smiles on their faces!


Congratulations to everyone who made it to the finish line this past weekend!

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