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Nicole's Journey To Kona!

Nicole Mikhael was introduced to the triathlon world in 2014. Coming from a background of basketball and volleyball, she turned to the individual sport of running and cycling in 2009, when she wanted to raise funds for cancer research. Being a clinical research coordinator in a hospital setting, and working directly with patients whose health was compromised, Nicole realized how fortunate she was to be healthy and saw this as a gift she could use to help those in need. She started her journey to train for her first marathon and cycled half way across Canada to raise money for cancer research. The training became an immediate addiction, as she realized it shaped her character to value life. She went on to complete over a dozen marathons and half a dozen duathlons. Her outlook inspired others to share the vision of appreciating the beauty of movement and health. In 2014, she decided to take on the challenge of learning to swim to overcome her severe anxiety of water. After completing her first triathlon, a distance of 70.3, she realized that what may seem impossible is possible. This experience allowed Nicole to realize that continuous personal growth is fostered by the challenges we seek to achieve. So in 2015, she set her eyes on completing Ironman 140.6. In August 2015, she completed her first Ironman 140.6 in Mont-Tremblant, placing 3rd in her age group. This qualified her for a position for the World Ironman Championship in Kona. We look forward to hearing about her journey to Kona in October 2015.

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