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This October was no different. The actual recorded temperatures were fairly normal for the day but a complete lack of cloud cover made road conditions considerably hotter than the thermometers indicated. LifeSport had 10 athletes competing, 5 for the first time, including highly ranked Pro Brent McMahon. Of the rest, four were returning and one was through the Legacy program - Kona being number 16 for him. On a day where almost 1/3 of the fields in the Pro men and women didn’t finish, all LifeSport athletes completed their day, all battled through fatigue and discomfort to cross the line on Ali’i Drive and were greeted with Mike Reilly’s “You are an Ironman” pronouncement.

Men’s Pro Brent McMahon, after setting a course record in his debut last November and in his first time on the Big Island as a Pro exited the water with the main group of front runners. The men’s race didn’t break up as much as previous years and he was in the top 10 off the biking field. Like everyone on the day he battled through some rough patches on the run but was able to regroup, compose himself and ran his way into 9th place. When asked about the highlight of his day, Brent quipped, “the finish!”

In the Age Groups, Susanne Davis, a former champion, was 12th in F40-44. Chris Stephenson and Susanne both finished in less than 11 hours. Nicole Mikhael, coached by Lou Therien, qualifying in Mont Tremblant, this was her first time swimming in salt water and on her very first day of practice she was swimming with dolphins!  She and Bang Trinh from Vietnam, Sam Mazer, Jan Trojanowski and Mike Day all finished under 12 hours. Chris has this to say “The big Island throws up many challenges to the athletes who arrive every October; congratulations to everyone who competed and finished this incredible race! Sometimes the hardest races are where you find most inspiration. This was my fourth trip to Kona and 45 minutes slower than my best - somehow the heat in the run was more brutal than ever and I had to dig deeper than ever to get to the finish. I feel I found a new level in this year’s edition and always appreciate Coach Lance mantra of "Never Stop".

In his Kona debut, Legacy competitor Phillip Jones finished in just over 12 ½ hours. He had this to say “I had an awesome experience and kept smiling on the bike and run despite the heat wind and humidity. I walked all the aid stations and drank and put ice and sponges in my cap and tri top which helped. I can't wait to come back! Thanks for all your help and encouragement!”

LifeSport Coach Dan Smith, in his 3rd trip to World Championships didn’t have the day he was expecting, having come down with a bronchial infection in the weeks leading up to the race. He made the best of the situation “Coming off the bike before the marathon, knowing something is wrong is really tough. It was about managing what I had, staying positive; all the while trying to cool off, hydrate and fuel. Just an incredibly hard day! One of the most challenging I have ever done.”

Coach Mark Shorter came to Kona to be a support system and cheer our athletes on. Mark has this to say about his trip “Hawaii Ironman 2015, another chance to see the world’s best athletes and coaches on a very tough course. There was wind, heat humidity and competition galore. Great to see LifeSport pro athlete Brent McMahon in his Hawaii debut and coach Dan Smith taking up the Hawaii challenge again. There was also plenty of opportunity to meet with LifeSport sponsors, triathlon equipment & clothing vendors and we even fit in a Training Peaks education session with the Training Peaks gurus.”

LifeSport coach Dan Smith is a NCCP certified triathlon coach whose experience over 20 years has lead athletes to secure a spot in Kona and hit the podium on a consistent basis. Dan’s knowledge and experience allows him to customize a program for beginners to pro athletes. Contact Dan to share your goals, race faster, or master the Ironman distance. Find more great training tips by joining us on;

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