LifeSport Coaching Podium At The Ultraman World Championships

3 Day Endurance Epic Tests Physical And Mental Limits

"In an event like this, when you start each day together and you see your crew every 5-10 minutes you have thousands of opportunities to drop out.  To persevere in a 24 hour event when you feel like death 20 minutes in requires incredible mental strength..."

Another World Class Ironman for LifeSport Pro Brent McMahon!

Brent McMahon is proving himself to be one of the very best Ironman athletes in the world

Since making his first Junior National Team at the age of 15 years old, Brent McMahon has been competing in triathlons worldwide. You name the distance he has raced it; Olympic, Xterra, Super Sprint, Duathlon, etc. 

Ironman World Championships

Top 10 for LifeSport's McMahon!

The World Ironman Championships in Hawaii is an event like no other. For the majority of long distance triathletes across the globe, it truly is the pinnacle of the sport and thousands of athletes attempt year after year to qualify. As it is the World Championships, the majority of the participants have either won or placed very high in their respective age groups. A very limited number arrive with a coveted lottery spot. This elevated level of competition coupled with the hot, humid and windy conditions is what makes this race so special; and challenging.

Life Journey Is An Ultraman Journey

Robert Fabes Ultra man Journey - Written In His Own Words

Race weekend came and, I was ready.  I felt like the proverbial racehorse chomping at the bit, eager and excited to get out of the gate.  As important as training as planned was, sticking to the race plan was all the more important.  And that’s what my crew and I did – we executed the plan to the “t”: pacing, nutrition and recovery. And the results proved it: I finished 12th out of 25 participants and was 1st in my age group.  Also, I weighed exactly the same at the end of the 3 days as I did at the start.

Ironman World Championships: Top 10 for LifeSport's McMahon!

Heart Of A Champion

The World Ironman Championships in Hawaii is a race/event like no other. For long distance triathletes it is the pinnacle of the sport and racers try year after year to qualify.

 LifeSport had 10 athletes competing, many for the first time, one through the Legacy program, Kona being number 16 for him.

Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii

Amazing Group of Athletes representing LifeSport!

For many triathletes the Hawaii Ironman is the Holy Grail of dream achievements in our sport. The epic battles played out on the annual TV Specials are replayed over and over during the long winter hours while athletes spin on their trainer and treadmills.

This year LifeSport has fielded an amazing group of athletes for the big show and everyone has a different story to tell.

LifeSport Women's Winning Streak Kept Alive

History of Excellence produces podium finishes at Banff

LifeSport athlete Lindsay Chamberlain, who has been coached by Dan Smith since 2012, won the Women’s Olympic distance title this past weekend at the beautiful Subaru Banff Triathlon with a time of 2:03:34. The event, which is one of the largest triathlons in western Canada, is held in the beautiful mountain village of Banff, Alberta. The event started in 2010 and the women’s division has won by an impressive line-up of LifeSport woman every year of its existence.

An Incredible Career Journey with Lisa Bentley

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

One of the amazing things about coaching nearly three decades is you have the opportunity to work with, and observe, athletes growing and evolving throughout their high performance careers. There are lessons to be learned in patience and sticking to a long term plan in developing ultimate athletic potential. I have had the good fortune to work with many amazing athletes, but only a few come along who have all the attributes to become a champion. There is the obvious genetic gift. But that gift is wasted if there is not a burning desire to be great, coupled with the necessary work ethic to transform that raw talent into race performance excellence. There must be self belief, resourcefulness, and sports-intelligence.

From Passion to Podium

Nicole's Journey To Kona!

Nicole Mikhael was introduced to the triathlon world in 2014. Coming from a background of basketball and volleyball, she turned to the individual sport of running and cycling in 2009, when she wanted to raise funds for cancer research.

LifeSport Athletes Earn their Spots in Whistler for Ironman World Championships

Three LifeSport athletes put together impressive performances at Ironman Canada to earn top spots in their age groups and a Kona entry. This was on a day with conditions many were calling worst ever – the start temperature was close to 10C and with rain pouring down on competitors. By the time the riders hit Canada Olympic Park during the bike, temperatures had dropped to 6C and many athletes called it a day due to the extreme cold.

Chris Thomas Wins Syracuse Ironman 70.3!

LifeSport Coach Takes Overall Title!

LifeSport Coach Christopher Thomas left it all on the course at Syracuse Ironman 70.3.  With a swim time of 27:13, a bike time of 2:22:20, and a run time of 1:26:50, Chris went on to become the overall champion at Syracuse Ironman 70.3 with a total time of 4:20:58!  We caught up with Chris and asked him a few questions about his race, and how he felt about his victory.

Rookie (Blue) Marathon

Award Winning Actress Completes Her First Marathon!

Canadian Actress Erin Karpluk, who is currently starring in ABC’s “Rookie Blue”, recently took on the goal of completing her first marathon.  Erin selected the BMO Vancouver Marathon where she would also represent the charity World Vision - a cause close to her heart.  Erin, who also won the Gemini for best Canadian Actress in her lead role of CBC’s “Being Erika”, sought out the help of LifeSport and coach Paul Regensburg to guide her through the training and race preparation strategies for her big day.   

The Legacy Program to Kona!

Philip Jones Resiliency Has Paid Off!

LifeSport Coach Dan Smith has been working with Phillip Jones of Dallas, Texas for almost eight years. When they started, Phillip was looking for guidance specifically in regards to nutrition, especially for the Ironman distance, having suffered GI issues at his previous two races. Since then we have gone on to complete more than a dozen Ironman races, enough that he has secured a slot at World Championships this year through the Legacy Program.

How I Nailed My First Ironman

Coaching and Camp Prep Gave Andrew Gunn the Edge

Ironman Canada 2014 was going to be my first attempt at the distance. In total it was just my 5th triathlon, so I had plenty to learn. 

The idea of the Ultimate Camp came up and I jumped at the chance to spend a full weekend training on the course with experienced coaches, but also with other athletes.  By spending the time working with and hearing from the LifeSport coaches, the fear of the unknown around the nutritional and mental aspects were easier to understand. To be able to hear first hand of some great and not so great experiences was invaluable.

Justin Royer - Triathlon Changed My Life

From An Overweight Smoker to a Podium Finisher!

"I'm doing things already that I thought were never possible for me. Truly a blessing to be able to compete in such a sport and have great coaching (and support) along the journey." - Justin Royer

Just a few years ago, Justin was overweight and smoking like a chimney.  He despised going on walks - let alone running or participating in triathlons...

Sam Mazer Punches Ticket to Kona

Passes Bar Exam and Qualifies on just 8 Weeks of Training!

Lifesport Age Group Athlete Sam Mazer of Bellevue, Washington used a strong run to finish 3rd in the 30-34 Age Group at the North American Ironman Championships in the Woodlands, Texas.  The strong finish was enough to qualify her for the 2015 World Ironman Triathlon Championships this October in Kona, Hawaii.  What made this feat even more incredible is that Sam had only 8 weeks to prepare after successfully passing the Bar Exam in March.  Sam's coach Paul Regensburg commented. "Sam is one of the most disciplined athletes I have ever coached, she follows her training to a "T". Her discipline has not only made her a successful athlete but now a new young lawyer full of potential"

Jonathon Puchalski - 70.3 New Orleans

On the road to Ironman Lake Placid

Jonathon came to LifeSport last fall with the goal of becoming an Ironman.  A few years ago at Ironman Lake Placid he was pulled from the course for not making one of the time checks.  Like many triathletes, he has a very busy life; being a doctor at Yale-New Haven hospital and spending weekends with his kids.  Therefore he wakes up at 4am to get in his training sessions.

Julie Paquette is an Ultraman Champion!

LifeSport Athlete Wins in Florida

This past weekend, Julie Paquette of Ottawa, Ontario went on to win the woman's title at Ultraman Florida with a time of 29:33:00, a full 2:07:25 ahead of runner-up Cindy Braden of Goleta, California. Never having competed in an Ultra event before, Paquette decided to test her limits and find out just how far her body could go.  Well she definitely found out this weekend and exceeded her expectations by miles!  

LifeSport Mexico Athlete Daniel Gomez: Faster and Stronger Than Ever

By LifeSport Mexico Coach Inaki de la Parra

Daniel Gomez de la Vega first approached LifeSport Coaching at the end of 2013 with the clear objective of becoming the best Mexican athlete in paratriathlon.  Despite having suffered the loss of mobility in both his legs from a motocross accident a few years back, he has maintained a strong athletic mindset and a determined spirit.

Daniel began his journey at the start of the 2014 season with a sprint triathlon in Yucatan, Mexico followed by a great performance in the Monterrey 70.3.  His 2015 season has also taken off to a great start with a first place finish in Merida!  

Age Group Success: A Show of True Determination
The Story of LifeSport Athlete Rose Lenser

The dream began back in 2013 for LifeSport athlete Rose Lenser.  In the past she had competed in a few triathlons and run a few half/full marathons.  When she heard about a race that brought Indigenous people together to challenge themselves at the 70.3 distance though, she knew she had to do that race too.  For that year...

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