Winter Pool Swimming for Faster Summer Open Water Swimming

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

The fall and winter is a great time to set the ground work for comfort and improved skills in open water. Whether it’s the pro’s trying to figure out how to get on the fastest feet possible, or a tri-newbie trying to keep their head above water, here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your open water swim.

5 New Challenges for 2017

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Mix it up in 2017 to keep things fresh, improve your game, and keeping your adventurous sport-spirit bright and thriving. There are many resources to learn how to be successful in these exciting endeavours and experienced coaching can help get you to new finish lines you only ever dreamed of!

Preparing for Your First Triathlon

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Once you have decided upon completing your first triathlon, drag a friend/partner/relative into it with you, and get a coach.  There are some good reasons for this.  Training with someone is more fun, and sharing the experience is more inspiring.

Choose the event that you want to compete in....

5 Attributes of Age Group Kona Qualifiers

Coach’s Note By Lance Watson

When examining athletes that have qualified for the IRONMAN World Championships, there are many common attributes throughout each age group. The levels of competition are so strong that there is no accidental way of rising to the top. It is harder and harder to qualify with more IRONMAN events worldwide and limited spots to race in Kona.

How to Plan for Success in 2017 - Start Now!

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

The fall is the best time to start planning your upcoming year. The recent season is still fresh in your mind: you can remember the various successful workouts, the races, and also the flow of the phases of the year. You can ask yourself which races went well, bringing in details like types of terrain, and timing within the season.

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Practice Habits of Champion Athletes

Over the past decade I’ve had the good fortune to coach many top professional athletes in triathlon. Olympians, gold medalists and Ironman champions share a common thread: a single minded focus to leave no stone unturned in a pursuit of excellence.

Safe & Efficient Turning

Open Water Swim Video Series by LifeSport Coaching and Aquasphere

For many, swimming in the open water is one of the most intimidating parts of becoming a triathlete. In a new video series, LifeSport coach Lance Watson provides tips to help you refine your open-water skills and develop confidence ahead of your next triathlon. Watson and Ironman champion Brent McMahon discuss the importance of the race warm-up.

Thetis Lake Open Water Swim

Has Begun

Last week was the early start to the community Friday summer open water swim sessions.  The water temperature was 17.2 (amazing for April) and this week promises to be up another degree or two which will be very nice.

Three Swim Skills to Hone Your Race Form

By LifeSport Coach Jeremy Howard

There are many skills one can improve as a swimmer in order to make themselves a faster triathlete.  Depending on ability, comfort level and speed there are different skills that I would focus on, to a greater or lesser extent, with different athletes, but the three skills below are ones that I return to with all my athletes, in some capacity, to help get them in race form.

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

3 Keys to Faster Wetsuit Swimming

Many North American races and most Ironman races currently are “wetsuit legal” swims. Wetsuits help novice swimmers get through the swim. While the buoyancy of a wetsuit improves swim speed for most swimmers, some athletes swim relatively poorer than their counterparts in a wetsuit legal swim. Usually this problem is solvable

2017 Ironman Canada Ultimate Camp

WHISTLER BC MAY 20 - 21, 2017

The 2017 Ironman Canada Ultimate Camp in Whistler BC offers an incredible triathlon experience. Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, pristine lakes, and meet like-minded triathletes sharing event goals – whether it is to finish the race strong or qualify for World Championships in Kona Hawaii!

Learn from LifeSport’s knowledgeable coaches, including Olympic Gold Medal coach Lance Watson and 2015 50-55 Age Group Champion, Coach Dan Smith. 

Junior Elite Triathletes - What Equipment is Most Needed

By Coach Brendan Mackenzie

Junior Elite Triathlon is competitive! Most of our national team members are developed through our junior elite system now, and let me tell you these athletes are fast! With ages ranging from 16-19 years of age junior elite triathlon (like the Olympics) is draft legal on the bike over the sprint distance, which makes the races dynamic, quick, and competitive.

How To Choose An Online Coach

Making The Best Choice For You

Over the past 10 years there has been an incredible growth in the number of coaching choices available to athletes, with the development of the World Wide Web and technologies that bring people closer together. Coupled with the growth of uploadable technologies including powermeters, heart rate monitors and GPS; communication tools like Skype and Face time, and website to upload and analyze video biomechanics such as or Coach’s Eye, the ability to coach athletes effectively at a distance has never been as effective as now, and myself and many of my coaching peers are coaching world class athletes across the globe.

Why I NEED To Do Ironman.

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

The New Year is a time of new hope and new purpose. The summer race season sits on the horizon, and we dream of riding that sleek new racing machine through various new adventures, while shattering personal bests.

But wait, is that all there is? Ironman is a big goal, a passion and significant time commitment. Training and exercise in general is something you need to do and there are numerous studies that provide unequivocal evidence to the benefits of doing what you do.

So, if you could use a few more talking points to secure your spouse’s ongoing support in 2016; or you want to justify a few triatha-long weekends to your boss and colleagues, here are 8 great reasons that explain why you NEED to do Ironman!

Meet The Coach

LifeSport Coach Chris Thomas

Christopher Thomas, an accomplished triathlete and coach has been involved in the fitness industry for over fifteen years. Before coaching for Lifesport, Christopher spent fourteen successful years in the financial services industry. Christopher is excited to dedicate his full time efforts to sharing his passion of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with individuals looking to improve their quality of life.

Swim a Better Triathlon

Five Expert Drills that Improve Open water Technique

For a triathlete without a swim background, there are times when noon hour masters at the local pool can be frustrating. Triathletes are used to having results from strong work ethic and training, and swimming is the one discipline where the force applied does not directly transfer into speed.  The foundations to your swim training are working on body position, and stroke efficiency: these are the essential components to getting faster in the water.

Boost Your Weakness Now and Long Term

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Triathlon is a complicated sport to train really well at. We all have areas we need to work on. It’s not just a matter of swimming, biking and running. You have to consider when to work on speed, or strength, threshold and skills on the bike, or stroke-rate or technical proficiency in swimming, etc. The athlete’s natural tendency is to like what they are good at, and therefore they tend to train with a little more intensity or focus in their area of expertise. At some point you will want to improve a single aspect of your game, and boost you weakness. There are always areas to improve upon and that’s what makes our sport so challenging and intriguing.

Conquering the Non-Wetsuit Swim

Experience, Technique and Mentality!

In 2014 when athletes arrived at the start of the inaugural Challenge Atlantic City they were

greeted with the news that the swim would be non-wetsuit.  Many had been monitoring the ocean temperature, which was at least 10-15 degrees cooler than the calm, sheltered waters of the back bay, where the swim was actually taking place. Many athletes were caught off guard and panicked. But this need not be the case - for a number of swimmers, a wetsuit can be a crutch, but one that with a little prerace planning and preparation, is unnecessary.  Here are some things you can do in training that will prepare you to have a great non-wetsuit swim.


Tricks To Training Through the Winter

Triathlon Tips For Cold Weather Training!

The winter season – is the perfect time to build both the physiological and muscular components of a successful racing season for spring and summer.  Without the distractions of races, time can be allotted to building a solid physiological base for a successful racing season. 

Getting good training sessions in during the winter when the weather may be bad or the time you can get out in the daylight is limited can be hard. The weather should not be a deterrent. 

Profile on Ironman University Master Coach Lance Watson

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Last fall, longtime triathlon coach Lance Watson had a career-defining moment at Iwhen he got to watch his protégé—Canadian pro triathlete Brent McMahon—clock the fastest debut at the distance in history with his 7:55:48 finish time. 


"I don't know of many 20-year coach-athlete relationships out there," says Watson, who lives in Victoria, B.C. with his wife, Lucy, and two active children. The 46-year-old has been working with McMahon since the athlete was just 15 years old, and their joint success is a testament to his whole approach to coaching.

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