Question of the month: Should I eat on my longer spring base rides?

Question: "Something I've heard athletes do is not eat or drink any calories on their base riding or running miles this spring in order to train their body to use fat vs glycogen.”

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A New Start for 2017

A Long Term Plan for Success!

OK, so your habits during the holiday season didn’t exactly go according to plan…and now you vow to eat better and get back to your training regime from the 1st January. It can be hard work to stick to resolutions; in my experience best results for developing lifelong habits occur when you focus on being consistent with 1-2 goals at a time

Dodge the Diet Busters: Staying Healthy over the Holiday Season

Staying Healthy Over the Holiday Season

It’s commonly believed that North Americans gain, on average, 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It turns out that the average gain is closer to 1 pound — but that, according to a study, is a pound you never lose. After a few decades that annual pound becomes . . . obesity.

Recipe of the Month: Black bean quesadillas/burrito

By LifeSport Nutrition Coach Celine Evans

Quick and easy to prepare, this is a tasty and nutritious meal – either 1.5-2hrs before a workout or after as your recovery meal.The mix can be frozen or premade into burritos for an easy to pack to work or a last minute evening meal after a hectic day.

Super Smoothie Recipe

By LifeSport Nutrition Coach Celine Evans

Snack packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin D while also providing you with needed carbohydrates and proteins to re-fuel and re-build your muscles after training or as an easy to digest pre training snack.

Save Your Race! Nutrition and Hydration Planning

By LifeSport Coach Jessica Adams

Fuel planning and execution is often called the fourth discipline in triathlon.  If you don't have a solid nutrition and hydration plan in place that you have tested out during training, your whole race can go down the tubes no matter how much training preparation you have done.

Ask The Coach : Immune Health Through the Winter Months

By Celine Evans, Registered Dietician

Q:Winter seems to be when I get sick the most, and it derails my training. Any key pointers to staying healthy?

A: There a few aspects to consider when aiming to stay as healthy as possible; focus topics here include: antioxidants, recovery and sleep.

LifeSport Welcomes Performance Nutrition Coach

Optimize Race Weight and Fuel Properly with Celine Evans

Celine Evans is a Registered Dietitian and qualified Sports Dietitian who has a passion for healthy food and lifestyle. This inspires and motivates her athletes to optimize their health and performance with practical advice to reach their goals. Celine grew up swimming competitively and enjoys an active lifestyle; she has participated in half marathons, trail run races and competed in the 2012 AG World Champ Triathlon in New Zealand

Introducing LifeSport Coach Brendan MacKenzie

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist!

Brendan Mackenzie has a Bachelor in Kinesiology (2005) and over 10 years of experience as a Strength Coach and Exercise Specialist in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He competes in triathlon and has attained numerous coaching and athletic accomplishments.  He has coached athletes to Ironman World championships, ITU World Championships and numerous personal bests.

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Be An Ironman Heat Machine

Summer is here, and race courses are heating up. While the obvious challenges of Ironman are the distances and difficulty of the swim, bike and run, one major barrier to summertime success can be heat and humidity. This builds as your race day progresses. Poor heat acclimation and hydration strategies can ruin even the best training preparation.  

The good news is you can pre-acclimate before your race. Turn up the heat and turn on a humidifier. Some athletes will ride in the bathroom with the shower running to get really steamy!  Get very hot and let yourself sweat...

Ultimate Camp for Ironman 70.3 Victoria

May 29 to May 31, 2015 - Only 25 Spots Available!

The 2015 LifeSport Ultimate Camp for Ironman 70.3 Victoria offers an incredible triathlon experience in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Learn from knowledgeable coaches. This is their backyard! Meet like-minded triathletes sharing your event goals. Whether it is to finish the race strong or qualify for World Championships.

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Honest Skill Assessment Determines Opportunity to Race Faster

Were you Naughty or Nice over the holidays? Santa is already taking notes for 2015! I hope that some fitness was maintained, so that you are in a good place to build to higher levels of achievement in 2015. Now is a great time to take an inventory on where to go and what needs to happen next to ensure success for this year.
I will share some of these ideas and help you create your own inventory of items � some you may already do well, and some may need improvement - to be your very best.

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Steps to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

'Tis the season to be jolly, but unfortunately, the Christmas turkey is not usually the only thing that gets stuffed over the holidays.

It's commonly believed that North Americans gain, on average, 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's. It turns out that the average gain is closer to 1 pound. But that, according to a study, is a pound you never lose. After a few decades that annual pound becomes . . . obesity.

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