LifeSport Announces Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic!

National Runner Dr. Scott Simpson Brings Saanich Physiotherapy to the LifeSport Building

Scott Simpson has been an avid athlete from a young age and understands the impact and benefits that activity can have on the body.A Canadian National Team member spanning 2001-2010, Scott was the 2006 Canadian National Champion at the 10k distance, and has been the BC road racing champion (2009 and 2010), including a 10k personal best of 29:33. Scott has completed a Doctorate degree in Physiotherapy and is currently in the midst of a post-doctoral fellowship which produces graduates who on average produce treatment results in the top 9% of all therapists in North America.

Ask The Coach:Simple Injury Prevention

By LifeSport Coach Marci Gray

Q: I want to avoid recurring injury. What are some basic injury prevention strategies now that my training is in full blown swing?


Expert is for Everyone

Tips from the Top for Incorporating Training into a Busy Life

As coaches, our goal is to support our athletes to become the best they can be. Personal success is different for all and must take into account the reality of the Age Grouper’s life, which includes demands from work, family and their community. Unless one is a professional athlete, life does not revolve 100% around training for a sport; rather sport is a part of daily life.

How to Increase Your Lactate Threshold

Best Way To Increase Your Speed and Power!

For all sports, whether it is swimming, cycling or running, intervals are one of the best ways to increase overall speed and power. By their nature, intervals are short efforts, done at higher intensity than race pace - at or slightly above lactate threshold. Current thinking has shifted away from only doing intervals in the race Specific preparation phase of competition to incorporating higher intensity regularly into training year round to maintain aerobic capacity while keeping the body and brain sharp.

Injured? We Can Help You Now!

Online Injury Assessments and Rehab Now Available For LifeSport Athletes

Suffering from tendonitis or shin splints? Sore shoulder or back? Recovering from a bike crash? Do you want to return from injury strong and stable and ready to train hard again? LifeSport has the solution to get you healthy again, no matter where you live!

LifeSport Coach and Physical Therapist Marci Gray assesses and treats athletes anywhere in the World. Based out of Tallahassee, FL, she has a background in multiple settings including: nursing homes, acute care (hospital), sub-acute care (rehab centers), pediatrics, and outpatient orthopedic care. With this extensive background she has experience with all age groups ranging from infant to geriatric, and from the most inactive to the high level athlete.  

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Honest Skill Assessment Determines Opportunity to Race Faster

Were you Naughty or Nice over the holidays? Santa is already taking notes for 2015! I hope that some fitness was maintained, so that you are in a good place to build to higher levels of achievement in 2015. Now is a great time to take an inventory on where to go and what needs to happen next to ensure success for this year.
I will share some of these ideas and help you create your own inventory of items � some you may already do well, and some may need improvement - to be your very best.

Meet LifeSport Florida Coach Marci Gray

Training, Health and Wellness

Non only is Coach Marci Gray an accomplished coach, she has been a physical therapist for 15 years who specializes in orthopedic injuries and preventative medicine. Marci trained with the McKenzie Institute and in 2008 became a Certified MDT clinician. Her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is a huge asset to her coaching, in prevention, resolution and maintenance of injury in the athletes she works with.

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