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Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

We all know we feel best after a good nights sleep. Have you noticed when you come home from a trip or finish a big day of training, there is nothing like your own bed? For years I have been preaching to my athletes to get a good bed as an essential piece of 'training' equipment... and use it properly! Sleep is one of the most important things that endurance athletes can do to improve on a daily basis, yet it is often the time we tend to steal from the most. Why is this?

"Failing" Forward Toward Success

By LifeSport Coach Christian Isakson

I am an Endurance Athlete...and, I've never won a single race I've competed in.


Second, third, fourth, fifth.

But never first."

This leads to the same question, almost every single time. "Why keep doing it if you fail?" 

Meet LifeSport Portland, Oregon Coach Christian Isakson

Christian Isakson has six years of coaching experience and has competed as an endurance athlete for over eleven years. 


Not only a coach and athlete, Christian is committed to those in need using sport as a catalyst for change. Isakson has traveled from Haiti to Africa developing medical clinics, ministering, and serving. 

Triathlon, Do You Live and Die By It?

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Many athletes live and die by their triathlon racing and training. Are you one of those athletes? Do you believe that your self-image is tied to your performances in racing, training and workouts, your body composition, what kind of equipment you have, the number of Ironman tattoos?

Consider the type of personalities that consider to "tri" the lifestyle commitment it takes to train for triathlon, especially for Ironman distance. It takes huge commitment. Most people "think" we are crazy or Type A+++ personalities… read more here.

Ask the Coach: Top 10 DO’s for Triathlete’s Off Seasons

By LifeSport Coach Philippe Bertrand

Over the years, I have often had to put my foot down in order to slow my athletes during the off season. Surprisingly, that period of rest and regeneration caused me more worries in terms of managing my athletes than the specific preparation for major events such as World Championships. This led me to develop a few key pointers for my athletes. Read my best do’s for every triathlete’s off season here.

LifeSport Athlete of the Month Feature: Karine Spagnoletti

Karine Spagnoletti had a heck of a 2017 triathlon season! To top it all off, she finished her season ranked top Canadian in the Ironman All World Athlete Rankings for F40-44 (ranked 4th overall in the world).

Read this article to learn more about the coach-athlete experience with words from Karine and her LifeSport coach Chuck Kemeny.

5 Take Homes from the 2017 Ironman World Championships

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Coaching in Kona at the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships each year is always a memorable experience. The week leading into Kona is a special one. It is a real treat; while riding my bike up and down Ali’i Drive I get to see the very best athletes go through their own final preparations. It’s an interesting perspective to think that most incredible genetic collection of humans in each gender and each age group congregate on an island in the South Pacific each October.

The race has evolved there over the years and the level is only getting higher. Here are 5 brief observations from this year's event...

Winter Pool Swimming for Faster Summer Open Water Swimming

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

The fall and winter is a great time to set the ground work for comfort and improved skills in open water. Whether it’s the pro’s trying to figure out how to get on the fastest feet possible, or a tri-newbie trying to keep their head above water, here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your open water swim.

Ask the Coach: Can I make running off the bike easier?

By Lifesport Coach Jeremy Howard

There is no magic on race day.  I’ll repeat: there will be no magic on race day.  Whatever pace you trained for what you can produce on race day. It is important to practise this mindset in your training leading up to the race. This will allow you to settle, stay relaxed, build up naturally, and have those elusive extra gears to drop the effort over the final km’s.

Key Ingredients of Ironman World Championship Qualifiers

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

When examining Kona Qualifiers, the levels of competition are so strong that there is no accidental way of rising to the top. It is harder and harder to qualify with more Ironman events worldwide and limited spots to race in Kona. To be able to stand on the podium at any Ironman, all the competitors must arrive with peak preparation - they are in their best physical shape. So what sets the champions apart? Their mental edge, which is cultivated intentionally in training and through past race experiences. Here I discuss some common themes in mental traits shared by top age group athletes...

Ask a Coach: "Do I need a triathlon bike for 70.3 and Ironman races?"

By Lifesport Coach Mark Overton

I recently had an athlete, who I have coached for a year, ask me if he needed to get a triathlon bike to compete in an Ironman. I find this is a common question for athletes new, or fairly new to the sport of triathlon. Is a triathlon bike really needed, or your current road bike enough?

Mental Mastery of the Ironman Marathon

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

One of the best ways to prepare for the mental challenge of your Ironman is to practice an optimal mental state during training. A well-trained athlete can significantly under-perform if they have not given equal consideration to the psychological task at hand. While the swim may be daunting and the bike challenging, the marathon is the most physically rigorous element of the Ironman, and as such, requires incredible mental fortitude to perform at the upper end of your capabilities.

Ask The Coach: “Is there one 'right' running form?”

By LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

There are many different running styles and some runners appear to have clumsy or poor form, yet manage to run quite quickly. Why is that? Yes, there are a couple of techniques that separate a good runner from a poor one, but is there one 'perfect form'?

Training and Racing in Canada's Sub-Arctic

Athlete blog by Matt Durand

Over the past three weeks I have had the opportunity to race, what are arguably, Canada’s two most Northern Triathlons. These races were some great warm up events in preparation for my ‘A Race’, Ironman Canada, and while living in the sub-arctic provides some very unique opportunities it also provides many challenges to training for long course races, especially when paired with being employed full time in the Army in a position that sees me leaving for weeks at a time!

Ask the Coach: How early should you arrive on race-day?

By LifeSport Coach Mark Shorter

I can definitely relate to being nervous about race-day logistics. It’s intimidating. How much time should you leave immediately before a triathlon? Sometimes it’s those crucial beginning minutes that separate athletes from attaining a podium position at a race or not. So how early should you arrive before race-day? Let's dive deeper into that answer!

Racing in Hot Weather: How to Beat the Heat in an Ironman

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Summer is here, and race courses are heating up. While the obvious challenges of Ironman are the distances and difficulty of the swim, bike and run, one major barrier to summertime success can be heat and humidity. This builds as your race day progresses. Poor heat acclimation and hydration strategies can ruin even the best training preparation.

What's your pre-heat acclimitization plan? Read the full article here.

Ask a Coach: Why do athletes compete in Ultra distance triathlons?

By LifeSport Coach Chuck Kemeny

I have been around the Ultra Triathlon scene for almost a decade now.  I have been blessed to race them personally and to not only coach, but to also crew for athletes who compete in Ultra's. For me, being successful at the distance required more mental strength, physical fitness, and a deeper nutrition knowledge than shorter distances. I learnt more about my body, how to optimize recovery and how best to plan my pacing in order to maximize the performance for the duration of the race. That was my reason, but why do other athletes do it? 

The High Performance Taper

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

You’ve done the hard yards, the long miles. Its 2 weeks till your Ironman, or “A” race. It’s time to hit the couch, put your feet up, and do nothing… or is it? Though the bulk of the physical work may be done, taper time can have the greatest impact on your race performance if done well.

While compiling some useful taper tips, I consulted Lisa Bentley, an athlete whom I coached throughout her high performance career and to 11 Ironman wins. I asked the Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee to include her taper “performance tips”.

4 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Immune System

By LifeSport Coach Chris Thomas

"I travel frequently for work and am a parent to three kids. Do you have any tips on how to keep my immune system strong throughout the year?"

This recent question from one of my athletes is very applicable to all athletes - therefore I wanted to share, and dive further into, my top recommendations on how to maintain a healthy immune system.

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