Switching Gears: 6 Weeks to Your Big Race

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Now is the time to start getting excited about racing. As we move along toward late April, most athletes will be finishing up their main foundation training period of the year, and will be anticipating starting some serious spring and summer racing. This training block will constitute...

Question of the month: Should I eat on my longer spring base rides?

Question: "Something I've heard athletes do is not eat or drink any calories on their base riding or running miles this spring in order to train their body to use fat vs glycogen.”

Read the answers from various LifeSport Coaches!

Spinach and Cottage Cheese Cannelloni

By LifeSport Dietician Celine Evans

Great tasting vegetarian meal, high in protein, essential vitamins and nutrients.
Ideally served with a green salad.

New Swimmer: Are You Overthinking It?

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

The reality is how can you possibly improve with so much going through your head once? For the newer swimmer, it is best to simplify. You have to finish elementary school before you go on to high school and college. As adult swimmers, we often try and skips steps and go straight to college.

I like to encourage my newer swimmers to pick simpler themes, and try not to overthink things.

Consider these 5 points, and try not to go on to the next step until you have mastered the prior step!

5 Ways to Become a Stronger Long Course Runner

By LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

When I ask an athlete how their race went, I often hear that they had a great swim and bike, then the struggles began during the run and eventually the wheels fell off. And these are athletes who typically run well in stand-alone running races. So what does it take to make the run your weapon in 70.3 or IRONMAN racing?

Is it Better to Race with or Without Technology?

Coaches Note By Lance Watson

Technology is a great racing tool and many athletes have breakthroughs pacing with GPS, power or heart rate. By utilizing regular lactic or field testing to establish quantifiable training and racing zones, coupled with observing and analyzing training metrics on a regular basis, an experienced coach is able to pin point targets that will assure you a strong result.

5 Training Strategies for Faster 2017 Running.

Coach's Note by Lance Watson

It’s February. You have a 3-4 month window available right now to positively impact your triathlon run performances this season. If you want to be a triathlete who relishes the run leg rather than survives it, consider these 5 training strategies:

5 New Challenges for 2017

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Mix it up in 2017 to keep things fresh, improve your game, and keeping your adventurous sport-spirit bright and thriving. There are many resources to learn how to be successful in these exciting endeavours and experienced coaching can help get you to new finish lines you only ever dreamed of!

A New Start for 2017

A Long Term Plan for Success!

OK, so your habits during the holiday season didn’t exactly go according to plan…and now you vow to eat better and get back to your training regime from the 1st January. It can be hard work to stick to resolutions; in my experience best results for developing lifelong habits occur when you focus on being consistent with 1-2 goals at a time

Ask The Coach: How Many Races Should I Run in a Year?

By LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

Question: “How many races should I run in a year?”

Answer: How many races an athlete can run in a year depends on the athlete.  I say this not to be difficult, but every athlete is unique and responds to races in their own way. Some athletes look forward to meeting their competition and can’t wait to step up to the start line.

Meet LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

IRONMAN U Certified, NCCP Certified and Head Coach of Master Swim

Dan Smith is an NCCP and IRONMAN U Certified Triathlon Coach with over 20 years coaching experience. He has been around endurance and high-performance sport his entire life, and has also coached/instructed sailing, boardsailing and snowboarding. For the past 9 years along with being LifeSport’s local head coach, Dan has been the face of the LifeSport Masters swim group and the Indoor Cycling program at Saanich Commonwealth Place.

Christmas Workout!

Fun Christmas Challenge

With Christmas holidays approaching, festivities abound and there are several distractions pulling you from your hard-core training program. In an effort to help you maintain dedication to personal excellence, I have drawn on my 20 years of coaching experience to piece together a holiday specific training program. The key to success is following it down to the finest detail. While it may not necessarily make you faster, it should certainly keep you entertained!

Preparing for Your First Triathlon

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Once you have decided upon completing your first triathlon, drag a friend/partner/relative into it with you, and get a coach.  There are some good reasons for this.  Training with someone is more fun, and sharing the experience is more inspiring.

Choose the event that you want to compete in....

Dodge the Diet Busters: Staying Healthy over the Holiday Season

Staying Healthy Over the Holiday Season

It’s commonly believed that North Americans gain, on average, 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It turns out that the average gain is closer to 1 pound — but that, according to a study, is a pound you never lose. After a few decades that annual pound becomes . . . obesity.

Ask The Coach: Making a smooth Transition

By LifeSport Coach Bruce Regensburg

Q:  I would like to continue working on my bike skills throughout the winter, how do I do that?

A: An indoor training plan can be very effective when sessions are targeted on individual aspects of cycling in a highly controlled environment. Workouts like reinforcing neuromuscular pathways with drills and high cadence, along with developing strength utilizing increased force on the pedals will go a long way to improve cycling skills. The article below breaks down some important considerations. 

Meet LifeSport Coach Bruce Regensburg

IRONMAN U Certified, NCCP Certified and Head Coach of Swim Fit!

Bruce Regensburg started coaching triathlon over ten years ago and has had several of his athletes qualify for Hawaii. He has also represented Canada at the World Long Course ITU Age Group Championships.

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

How to Go Off Road in the Fall

If you have completed your goals for your summer season but your gut tells you there is more to accomplish this year, move yourself to the forest and the trails and use a new environment to provide the inspiration and the terrain to whip yourself into a new level of fast.

Making the Game Plan Work!

Written by LifeSport athlete Janos Mako

While the day had an unexpected level of toughness on the run, I know that my solid game plan and methodical approach paid off. I very much appreciate the coaching I received from Chris this year: he took me to the next level.  I had qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and it was time to celebrate!

Ask The Coach: Am I Running Enough to Complete and IRONMAN?

By LifeSport Coach Errol Kalayci

Triathletes in general and Ironman triathletes for certain are highly motivated and driven people. Many think that they must train until they drop to make sure that they are prepared. This thinking is incorrect.

Meet LifeSport Coach Errol Kalayci

IRONMAN U Certified, USAT Certified Coach and Lawyer

Errol Kalayci is a successful coach, businessman, lawyer, married father of three young girls and has been involved in competitive sports his entire life. He has a thorough understanding of life's demands on goal oriented age group triathletes, and possesses the experience and knowledge of how to balance these demands with achieving sport goals.

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