Thetis Lake Open Water Swim

Has Begun

Last week was the early start to the community Friday summer open water swim sessions.  The water temperature was 17.2 (amazing for April) and this week promises to be up another degree or two which will be very nice.

Simple IRONMAN 70.3 Nutrition Strategies

Coach’s Note By Lance Watson

The sport nutrition products supplied on the course do not necessarily guide your choice of calories. You can train with those products in the months before the race to test them. Most athletes work with the product that suits their stomach and do not cause GI distress.

Specialized Bicycle Components and LifeSport Coaching Team Up!

Specialized Bicycle Components and LifeSport Coaching are excited to announce a new partnership. Specialized Bicycles, based in northern California, is a leader in bicycle and equipment innovation and provides riders with  performance benefits.

Three Swim Skills to Hone Your Race Form

By LifeSport Coach Jeremy Howard

There are many skills one can improve as a swimmer in order to make themselves a faster triathlete.  Depending on ability, comfort level and speed there are different skills that I would focus on, to a greater or lesser extent, with different athletes, but the three skills below are ones that I return to with all my athletes, in some capacity, to help get them in race form.

Happy Anniversary!

LifeSport and Michelle Ball Celebrate 10 Years


LifeSport would like to wish Michelle Ball a very happy anniversary!  Michelle Ball joined LifeSport and Coach Paul Regensburg in the spring of 2006.

IRONMAN Training in the Intense Heat

A Session with LifeSport Coach Errol Kalayci

Living in Florida presents some unique challenges for Ironman training, particularly, how to safely train in the intense heat of the summer. This is my story of preparing for Ironman during the summer months in sunny South Florida, when temperatures hover around 100 degrees F with 90 percent plus humidity.

Ask The Coach : Is Group Training Right For Me?

By LifeSport Coach Jeremy Howard

Q: I love group training, but I'm not sure it’s optimal for achieving my goals. Any suggestions to tailor a group program for my needs? 

A: Group workouts are significantly different than individual efforts.  As a triathlete you will often have to make significant compromises in order to adapt a workout to a group setting.  The good news is, there are different types of group rides and many types of workouts so there are ways to structure a training schedule to include group settings

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

3 Keys to Faster Wetsuit Swimming

Many North American races and most Ironman races currently are “wetsuit legal” swims. Wetsuits help novice swimmers get through the swim. While the buoyancy of a wetsuit improves swim speed for most swimmers, some athletes swim relatively poorer than their counterparts in a wetsuit legal swim. Usually this problem is solvable

Brendan Mackenzie: Coach of the year.

Award Winning Coach Shares Success Stories.

Coach Brendan discusses what it takes to have coaching success with developing elite and AG athletes.

The Ultimate IRONMAN Whistler Camp

No Fee, By Donation Supporting Junior Development

Prepare for your best IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 ever, and give back to the sport you love. This camp is no fee for an unique experience. Receive valuable swag from our partners:

  •  Skechers
  •  Fusion
  •  Aqua Sphere
  •  PowerBar

Skechers Go Run4: Your New Favorite Shoes

By Dan Smith

Having started running seriously at the age of 43 after decades of cycling, I've gone through many different shoes over the last 10 years. With a background in cycling, the cardiovascular and muscular fitness was there but the rest of the lower extremities weren't adapted to handle the constant pounding of running. For the first couple of years I preferred the highly structured and cushioned models as they were the most comfortable.


Saving Lives and Getting Fast

Weaving Training into a Full Life

The only question I get asked more than WHY I race is HOW I find the time to train. The first question is easy to answer. How I make time becomes a longer answer: as a firefighter/paramedic, father and triathlete, a lot of work goes into time management and planning for training to happen. There is no way to get around the fact that training takes time. Being clear about my priorities has allowed me to become proficient at triathlon and take care of my work and family life balance.


Ask The Coach : Simple, Nutritious Ideas for Fast Fuel

By Celine Evans, Registered Dietitian


What are some quick snack and meal ideas for my busy training schedule?


One of the biggest challenges with a busy athlete schedule is having healthy, quick meals and snacks on hand when you need them in a pinch! 

Some tips for meals:

Where possible make a double recipe of the chili, pasta sauce, casserole or soup on the weekend or less busy week days and freeze this into a portion for the family's meal + your lunch for the following day

2017 Ironman Canada Ultimate Camp

WHISTLER BC MAY 20 - 21, 2017

The 2017 Ironman Canada Ultimate Camp in Whistler BC offers an incredible triathlon experience. Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, pristine lakes, and meet like-minded triathletes sharing event goals – whether it is to finish the race strong or qualify for World Championships in Kona Hawaii!

Learn from LifeSport’s knowledgeable coaches, including Olympic Gold Medal coach Lance Watson and 2015 50-55 Age Group Champion, Coach Dan Smith. 

Junior Elite Triathletes - What Equipment is Most Needed

By Coach Brendan Mackenzie

Junior Elite Triathlon is competitive! Most of our national team members are developed through our junior elite system now, and let me tell you these athletes are fast! With ages ranging from 16-19 years of age junior elite triathlon (like the Olympics) is draft legal on the bike over the sprint distance, which makes the races dynamic, quick, and competitive.

The Ultimate Training Camp - Mont Tremblant

June 3rd - 5th 2016

oin Olympic Team and Ironman Coach Philippe Bertrand, along with competitive triathlete and LifeSport Coach Louis Therien for a special preparation camp for the incredibly popular Ironman 70.3 Mont - Tremblant Course! 
"At the end of May 2015, I participated, for the third time, the LifeSport Training Camp at Mont Tremblant with Coach Philippe Bertrand aided by Coach Louis Therien.  I would not miss it for the world! It is a well-organized long weekend training on the Ironman course and benefiting from Philippe's experience and knowledge.  His indoor sessions on nutrition and training, with Louis' great participation, always give us the opportunity to learn more, experiment better, or improve tactics. This pair has the group's undivided attention!  On the practicing side, their support and direction is adapted to the level of training of each one of us. And what a nice way to meet and exchange with new people with the same passion!  All in all, it is great and we have a lot of fun!  Love it!"


2016 Ultraman Florida Race Report

By Jessica Deree - First Overall Female Finisher

This was my second trip to Ultraman Florida. I competed in 2015 and struggled in all aspects of the race due to improper training and an inconsistent nutrition plan. However, I was able to finish the race with a time of 32:16:54. When I got home from the race and had time to ponder my performance, I knew that could do much better and decided to change my approach to racing.

Meet Coach Chuck Kemeny

Beyond Ironman: Endurance and the Ultra Triathlon Racing Scene

Racing an Ultra is a life changing experience. Most athletes learn a whole new level of determination and perseverance that they never thought existed within them.  One of the best things about the Ultra scene is the people pulled together with the common cause of ensuring a successful event.  The race directors, the volunteers, the athletes, and the support crews all work together. It is like going back to the old school days of triathlon when everybody was willing to assist, encourage, and help each other.

Ask The Coach : Immune Health Through the Winter Months

By Celine Evans, Registered Dietician

Q:Winter seems to be when I get sick the most, and it derails my training. Any key pointers to staying healthy?

A: There a few aspects to consider when aiming to stay as healthy as possible; focus topics here include: antioxidants, recovery and sleep.

Coach's Note by Lance Watson

My 5 Most Effective Run Workouts

Coaching Triathlon is my passion and coaching running for Triathletes holds an extra special place in my heart. In the early 90’s I cut my teeth working as an assistant track and cross country run coach at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. There I learned from Olympic Coaches about how international calibre runners trained. I have carried many of these run training principles into my multisport programs over the years.

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