Meet LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

Official IRONMAN Coach, Top AG Contender and IRONMAN U Certified

Dan Smith is an NCCP certified triathlon coach with over 20 years coaching experience. He has been around endurance and high-performance sport his entire life, and has also coached/instructed sailing, boardsailing and snowboarding. For the past 9 years along with being LifeSport’s local head coach, Dan has been the face of the LifeSport Masters swim group and the Indoor Cycling program at Saanich Commonwealth Place.

Meet LifeSport Coach Marci Gray

Renowned Physical Therapist, 3 times USAT All American Athlete and Ultraman competitor!

Marci Gray is a full time outpatient orthopedic physical therapist,USAT Certified Coach, mother of 4 and triathlete. As a physical therapist, she specializes in orthopedic injuries and preventative medicine. Trained by the McKenzie Institute, she is a Certified MDT clinician and brings this on board with her coaching.

Ask The Coach:Simple Injury Prevention

By LifeSport Coach Marci Gray

Q: I want to avoid recurring injury. What are some basic injury prevention strategies now that my training is in full blown swing?


Unexpectedly Fast

Young Athlete from Trinidad races Elite for Canada

I'd initially started the sport to get a taste of what it was all about and thanks to Lance, I'm absolutely hooked. I've been working with Coach Lance for two years now and every expectation I had for myself has been surpassed. This environment has expedited my development and ultimately allowing me to strive for new and exciting goals.


7 Taper Tips for Peak Performance

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

Your big race is approaching. The key training sessions are done. To allow you’re your fitness to shine through on race day, there are still some key considerations to maximize your performance. Consider these 7 fine tuning strategies.....

Coach’s Note by Lance Watson

Practice Habits of Champion Athletes

Over the past decade I’ve had the good fortune to coach many top professional athletes in triathlon. Olympians, gold medalists and Ironman champions share a common thread: a single minded focus to leave no stone unturned in a pursuit of excellence.

Busy Mom of 3 turns Pro

LifeSport Athlete Jennifer Kenney Tells Us Her Secret

Jennifer recently placed 3rd overall amateur at Eagleman 70.3 which qualified her for a professional triathlete license and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships. Her other 2016 races finishes include placing first female overall at the Beaverdam Olympic triathlon and the Cary Duathlon.

Ask The Coach: Best Garmin display?

By LifeSport Coach Mark Shorter

Q: Dear Coach Shorter - What should I have display on my Garmin 920XT GPS?

A: There are a lot of choices in what to display on your Garmin. You have the 3 disciplines to cover and you can have up to 4 fields showing in 4 different data screens. Firstly have a discussion with your coach and find out what you need to be working on.

Meet LifeSport Coach: Mark Shorter

Mark's completed 88 Marathons and 40 IRONMANS and still going strong!

Mark Shorter is an NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach and one of LifeSport's most interesting coaches! Mark started as an NCCP Gymnastics Coach, coaching in the B.C. Lower Mainland Community Centres.  He was also a Coach of the UBC Women's Gymnastics Team before he graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and began working in the world of recreational fitness, running and triathlon.

Safe & Efficient Turning

Open Water Swim Video Series by LifeSport Coaching and Aquasphere

For many, swimming in the open water is one of the most intimidating parts of becoming a triathlete. In a new video series, LifeSport coach Lance Watson provides tips to help you refine your open-water skills and develop confidence ahead of your next triathlon. Watson and Ironman champion Brent McMahon discuss the importance of the race warm-up.

Super Smoothie Recipe

By LifeSport Nutrition Coach Celine Evans

Snack packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin D while also providing you with needed carbohydrates and proteins to re-fuel and re-build your muscles after training or as an easy to digest pre training snack.

Positive Run Pointers for Maximizing your 70.3

By LifeSport Coach Lucy Smith

‘Energy flows where attention goes’. This means paying attention to what you are doing and doing it well. A strong heel lift? Visualize your heels lifting. See yourself moving well across the ground.

3 Race Preparation Workouts To Unlock Your Potential

By LifeSport Coach Chris Thomas

As you get close to a goal race, finding that extra edge on race day is a combination of physical and mental preparation and both being and feeling ready. Training sessions that simulate race conditions ensure your body is physiologically ready and allows you to get your head in the game. Here are three ‘ace preparation workouts that one can use to prep for 70.3 and shorter races. Ideally done 3-6 weeks out (not on your taper week), after your main training weeks have been completed and the race gets closer.

Save Your Race! Nutrition and Hydration Planning

By LifeSport Coach Jessica Adams

Fuel planning and execution is often called the fourth discipline in triathlon.  If you don't have a solid nutrition and hydration plan in place that you have tested out during training, your whole race can go down the tubes no matter how much training preparation you have done.

Kids And Sports - What's Appropriate?

Coach's Note By Lance Watson

I love kids’ sports. There is nothing more pure than watching a hundred grade schoolers sprint full speed, many grinning, across an open field at the start of a cross country run, or seeing them in the zone, experiencing the body rush of learning new skills at high speed on a bike, skates or skis.

2016 IRONMAN South America Champion

Brent McMahon Reflects on Record Setting Performance

Victoria's Brent McMahon was only 12 seconds off of the fastest ever IRONMAN time with a finish of 7:46:10. This performance marks McMahon's third time going under the eight- hour mark leaving him with a total of 3 sub eight hour races in 5 IRONMANS.

Thetis Lake Open Water Swim

Has Begun

Last week was the early start to the community Friday summer open water swim sessions.  The water temperature was 17.2 (amazing for April) and this week promises to be up another degree or two which will be very nice.

Simple IRONMAN 70.3 Nutrition Strategies

Coach’s Note By Lance Watson

The sport nutrition products supplied on the course do not necessarily guide your choice of calories. You can train with those products in the months before the race to test them. Most athletes work with the product that suits their stomach and do not cause GI distress.

Specialized Bicycle Components and LifeSport Coaching Team Up!

Specialized Bicycle Components and LifeSport Coaching are excited to announce a new partnership. Specialized Bicycles, based in northern California, is a leader in bicycle and equipment innovation and provides riders with  performance benefits.

Three Swim Skills to Hone Your Race Form

By LifeSport Coach Jeremy Howard

There are many skills one can improve as a swimmer in order to make themselves a faster triathlete.  Depending on ability, comfort level and speed there are different skills that I would focus on, to a greater or lesser extent, with different athletes, but the three skills below are ones that I return to with all my athletes, in some capacity, to help get them in race form.

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