While racing in many regions is still bouncing back from the pandemic, races in the United States re-started this spring. LifeSport athletes have raced at Ironman events in Florida, St. George, New York, Chattanooga, Des Moines, Michigan, Lubbock, as well as other races in Virginia, Maryland, Oregon, Washington and North and South Carolina. Here are our most recent results from the last four weeks!

At IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene:

  • Jason Hollander (coached by Lance Watson) finished 5th in his AG in 10:11:23 and earned his Kona spot!
  • Alicia Allen (Juliet Hochman) was 12th in AG in 12:01:13
  • Joanna Eubanks (Katie Malone) finished in 14:13:34
  • Coach Katie Malone came in 13:17:39
  • Kim Tully (Christopher Thomas) missed the bike cutoff but finished in 16:53:24.
  • Catherine Sauter (Juliet Hochman) missed the bike cutoff, found out at mile 5 of the run, but decided (in her own words) “F it, they’re gonna have to drag my candy ass off this course, which they thankfully did at mile 17.5.”
  • Jon Becker (Lance Watson) hung in there through T2.
  • Brad Fraedrich (Katie Malone) hung in there through 70 miles of the bike.

At 70.3 Musselman:

  • Jennifer Knowles (Jess Adam) finished 3rd in her AG at 70.3 Musselman and qualified for 70.3 Worlds.
  • Jami Brill-Callahan (TRiCLUB) finished 70.3 Musselman and qualified for 70.3 Worlds.
  • Matthew Roland (Katie Malone) finished with a 21 minute PR.
  • Reggie Frye (Katie Malone) overcame a rough swim to still PR and have a stellar ride.

In other 70.3 action:

  • Geoff Steffens (Lance Watson) finished 2nd in his AG at 70.3 Lubbock in 4:32:34
  • Dan Regalado (TRiCLUB) finished 70.3 Steelhead in 4:15:06 (no swim).
  • Jami Callahan-Brill (TRiCLUB) finished 3rd in her AG at the Rev3 Half in Virginia!

At the Hagg Lake Triathlon Festival in Oregon:

  • Lisa Alfano (Juliet Hochman) won her AG in the Olympic Triathlon
  • Carly Schmidt (TRiCLUB) was 2nd in her AG in the Olympic Triathlon
  • Jon McElfresh (TRiCLUB) finished top ten in his AG in the Olympic Triathlon Tri
  • Emily Gartner-Lighthipe (Juliet Hochman) was 2nd woman and 4th OA in the sprint aquabike.

In other local racing action:

  • Kurt Magnus (Juliet Hochman) finished 4th in his AG at the White Mountain Olympic Tri in New Hampshire
  • Tanya Appuhn (Juliet Hochman) has been racing up a storm at the Takelma Gravel Grinder, the Hammer Velo Crit, Mt. Tabor hill climb/crit series, and PIR Tuesday night circuit races.
  • Enya McGarry (Donavon Lewis) was 7th overall female and her aunt Deb Peery races at the Cal Tri in Virginia.
  • Miriam Widman (TRiCLUB) won her AG in the half marathon at the WHY Racing Pacific Ocean Festival in Washington
  • Steve Sharp (coached by Dan Smith) who won his AG and was 7th overall at the Great White North Triathlon (with swim cancelled because of water quality)
  • Mary Biebel (Katie Malone) finished July 17, 2021 the Reaper Half Marathon in Seneca, SC
  • Reggie Frye (Katie Malone) finished the Reaper 50K
  • Phil Zitello (Katie Malone) raced the Asheville Sprint Tri
  • Cindy Lucking (Katie Malone) raced the Ramblin’ Rose Sprint in Greenville, SC
  • Kris Ullman (Juliet Hochman) placed 3rd and Jami Callahan Brill (TRiCLUB) placed 4th in their respective AG at the Colonial Triathlon in Virginia.