Are you looking for some support shaping your season? Seeking some direction on how to integrate “B” races, plan around family vacation or work travel, or taper appropriately for your goal race? Want to dial in a specific 8-week training block ahead of your “A” event?

If private, one-to-one coaching is not currently in your budget, consider a consult with Coaches Dan Smith, Juliet Thompson Hochman, Jeff Sankoff or Donavon Lewis to talk through your season and utilize the TRiCLUB plan to peak for your “A” race.

The $100 consult starts with a 30-minute meeting with the coach of your choice during which you can ask questions and articulate the challenges you foresee in your upcoming season or training block. The coach will then review your Training Peaks plan with an eye to your concerns and circle back for an hour-long session with recommendations on how best to optimize the TRiCLUB plan to meet your goals.

Ready to get started? Sign up here to get your season dialed in! Once you sign up, we will contact you to choose a coach and set up a time to meet.