Celine is a qualified Sports Dietitian with a passion for healthy food and lifestyle that inspires her athletes to optimize their health and performance with individualized practical advice to reach their goals. Celine grew up swimming competitively and has competed in half marathons, trail run races and Age Group World Championships. As the busy mother of two, she understands the challenges of day-to-day optimal fueling and can assist you in ‘eating smarter’ within your training, family and career commitments.

In addition to working as a Performance Nutrition Coach for LifeSport athletes, Celine has worked with High Performance Sport NZ (elite athletes), the NZ School of Dance, NZ Rugby Academy and her own private practice enhancing nutrition strategies, providing individualized tips and resources for athletes and teams. Her recent athletic endeavors include racing half Ironman and Ultra Swim events.

“My purpose is to help athletes at all levels in to maximize their potential by demystifying and optimizing nutrition through up to date, evidenced based research. I believe it critical to understand life commitments, current food knowledge and confidence in the kitchen to achieve an athlete’s nutrition and performance goals. This holistic approach assists you in making better choices wherever you are; together we develop realistic and achievable milestones to help you reach your long-term goals.”


Gerry, New York, USA

“I have been working with Celine for almost four years now. We were introduced to each other as I was trying to rebuild my mind and body after a serious illness. Celine has been instrumental in setting me up with data and processes that have made my transition into a FODMAP diet, successful, frictionless and easy for me to understand. For my training, Celine has assisted me with insights, tips and detailed breakdowns for preparation, fueling and recovery within the parameters of my diet restrictions. She has the patience of a saint as she thoroughly researches any ‘fads’ I get enamored with and lets me down gently when the answer is on the negative side. Her care and attention to any change in my approach is exemplary and valued greatly. If that isn’t enough, it’s actually the relationship we have built that I value the most, as a trusted specialist and friend with my best interests at heart.”

Natalie, Canada

“Celine’s willingness to ‘think outside the box’ to tailor nutritional advice to suit my individual training needs and lifestyle made a huge difference.  I feel confident that my body is getting everything it needs to train and recover for optimal health and performance.  Celine turned all the science into day-to-day practical advice specific to my needs; I feel great and have seen significant improvements in my training and performance.”

Angela, New Zealand

“Celine successfully helped me improve my body composition and improve my overall diet during an intense training bloc leading into age group world championships. She has an amazing ability to work with fussy eating habits, offering practical advice about fitting nutritious meals into a busy lifestyle. I was able to reduce my cravings for sugar and chocolate and get through my day with plenty of energy for post-work training.  Specific race day nutrition was also discussed and made specific to my needs.  If you are looking for a nutrition expert who will work WITH you rather than just offer dietary advice, Celine is definitely the person for you.”


  • 16 years experience as a Registered Dietitian in British Columbia, Canada
  • BSc Dietetics Hons, MSc Hons in Human Nutrition
  • Grad. Diploma Sports Nutrition, International Olympic Committee
  • Ironman Certified Coach
  • Women are not Small Men (specific physiology course to optimize women’s athletic performance)
  • ISAK Anthropometry Level I
  • Private practice enhancing nutrition strategies, providing individualized tips and resources for athletes, teams/groups and workplace wellness.
  • Improve energy levels, adjust body composition, training adaptation, recovery and race day nutrition plans

$195/month. 4-month term.
$50 one-time start-up (admin) fee. 10% discount for 12-month pre-pay.