Lance is an Olympic Gold Medal coach and one of only four IRONMAN Master Coach. Lance has coached at numerous world championships and major Games, including the past four Olympic Games. In 2015 Lance was inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame for coaching. He holds a degree in Human Kinetics and a minor in Sport Psychology. He is an NCCP Level IV certified master triathlon coach and a NCCP Level III distance running coach. Lance specializes in coaching athletes of all abilities with busy life schedules, who want the most out of their available training time.

“Every athlete, regardless of ability, deserves to learn about their potential and explore their capabilities. Each athlete is unique in their needs to maximize their training and racing experience and performance. With 25+ years of coaching experience comes the ability to quickly assess and target those developmental needs. In my programs, athletes tend to improve quickly initially, and take further, greater steps after completing 2-3 annual training cycles. I liken this to completing their bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree in triathlon. Every season we dig deeper into the finer points of training, psychology, sports nutrition, racing tactics and sports science.”


Lisa Bentley, 11 Time Ironman Champion, Ontario. 

“Lance has taught me everything that I know. He has been a tremendous coach and teacher. I totally look to Lance for guidance in my training and in balancing training and life. He truly understands the physiological aspects of training. He explains to me why the training is a certain way and what the benefit is; he explains the purpose. He explains how these aspects fit into the Macrocycle and then I understand. As long as I am a professional triathlete, Lance will be my coach. I still have an awful lot to learn, and he is the perfect mentor.”

Dan, Executive entrepreneur, Washington, USA

“Working with Lance Watson for the last 2.5 years has been invaluable to my progress as an athlete. I have achieved new PR’s at every distance while still maintaining an extremely busy work and home life. His knowledge of training and the process of physical adaptation allows me to get the utmost out of my limited time. Lance is a tremendous resource and the best investment I have made in my personal development.”

Kim, Top American at Ironman World Championships, Vermont, USA.

“When I saw the schedule I was like, ‘that man is crazy’. But once I got going I was like ‘that man is genius!’ How did you make me so fast so soon?”

Laura, Doctor, Mother of 3, Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Triathlon and running has been a big part of my life the last few years, and has taught me so much. It has been the obvious things like learning about hard work, commitment, time management, etc. I learned how pack a bike to fly anywhere in the world, learned how to swim draft a pro and how to bike into a crosswind of 60 km/hr down a mountain! I learned about nutrition and bike maintenance and injury prevention. I learned how to face the bad days with maturity and celebrate the good days with joy and pride. The biggest thing I learned…and you taught me Lance….was how to believe in myself:) It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received…so thank-you.”


  • 25+ years coaching triathlon
  • Canada Triathlon Hall of Fame
  • Olympic Gold Medal Coach.
  • IRONMAN Master Coach
  • Coach of 20+ Ironman winners.
  • NCCP level IV certified triathlon and level III distance running coach.
  • Human Kinetics degree, psychology minor.
  • One of the most successful coaching track records in age group triathlon, internationally
  • Coach of busy executives and ambitious age group athletes, of all abilities, who are interested in personal excellence.

$895/month. 12 month term.
$295 one time start-up (admin) fee.