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Achieve your most daring triathlon goals

Triathlon attracts dreamers and do-ers. But you don’t have to go it alone. Chase your goals and get the support you need with TRiCLUB – an online, affordable, and comprehensive group coaching community led by triathlon Hall of Fame coach Lance Watson.

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What is TRiCLUB?

Hear it straight from Coach Lance Watson.

Your community.

Triathlon is an adventure that will put you in the best shape of your life – but some days getting the training in requires a little extra spark!

TRiCLUB is your community. Teammates and coaches inspire and motivate you. Make new friends and meet up at workouts, races and camps. Engage with your community and cheer each other on as you work together towards your biggest, scariest goals.

Expert coaching and training.

What about nutrition? Which equipment? How long should I ride? How will I survive the swim?! Don’t Google your way through it alone!

Led by Hall of Fame Coach Lance Watson and Olympian Juliet Thompson Hochman, TRiCLUB gives you access to your own team of experts. We sift through the noise, giving you practical, accessible, and battle-tested workouts and training advice. Customizable for your unique needs, time limitations, and distance goals, the plan has “boost sessions” to give you extra training focus where you need it and offers fun challenges to keep you engaged.

You’ve got a busy life!

No more driving across town for practice, braving the elements, or risking your life biking in traffic – this program is safe, convenient, and super effective!

Bike train interactively under your coach’s watchful eye. Run with live technical feedback. Do sport-specific strength workouts with guidance. Live or recorded, it’s online and it’s easy – we’ll teach you how.

Get strong(er)!

Our athlete-oriented strength programs support your primary sport. Join our live, coach-led Zoom workouts or follow the recordings at a time that works for you. Register as a standalone strength program or enjoy it as part of TRiCLUB.

Functional strength workouts (twice per week) require little equipment and improve performance with sport-specific movements using your body weight. Core and flow yoga (once per week) build central stability and mobility. Want to lift? Try strength with weights. You’ll just need dumbbells and a bench.

Exclusive support and community for women

We’re proud to have a strong community of female athletes and coaches.

We offer extra support to encourage the growth of female participation and success in triathlon through our Rockstar Women program, included FREE in your TRiCLUB membership. Join us for women-only workouts, happy hours and our nonstop WhatsApp feed for advice, support, shout-outs and giggles.

Learn more about Rockstar Women

Meet your new teammates

Here are a few things our athletes love about TRiCLUB.

  • Catering to everyone from beginners to elites, TRiCLUB has all the perks, including personal coaching, group workouts and monthly informational “Chalk Talks.” During the COVID lockdown, TRiCLUB stepped up to the plate by immediately offering Zoom/Zwift indoor riding sessions. Their enthusiasm is so infectious that you don’t want to miss a class! The coached workouts gave me the motivation that I needed to really push myself and to stay on course with my personal goals. I came into the season as a top contender for some podium finishes. I’m excited to race my first Ironman in 8 years!
    Michelle Reaume
    TRiCLUB Athlete in Vancouver. Nike Executive and Ironman veteran.
  • LifeSport’s TRiCLUB offers the flexibility to train like an elite athlete while balancing all of life’s other responsibilities. The instruction is effective as well; I improved my 10k time by 7 minutes after just 4 months of TRiCLUB coaching. And you’ll really enjoy Juliet’s personal stories during those 6 am strength workouts too!
    Jon McElfresh
    TRiCLUB athlete in Oregon. Father and health policy analyst.
  • I started with TRiCLUB over a year ago when my son was in the hospital. I loved the way I could do the strength sessions in his hospital room. Live strength and core workouts keep me honest about making sure they are done each week. The Zoom runs are a great workout, my running form has improved and my 5K and 10K times have dropped. I love the structure and accountability of the Training Peaks schedule. The TriDoc podcast and ChalkTalks are fun and informative. The training is great but best of all are the athletes I have met - all amazing people in their triathlon journey.
    Shelley Parsons
    TRiCLUB athlete in Nova Scotia. Radiology technician and planking queen.
  • I joined the TRiCLUB during the pandemic - best decision I ever made!  It gives me focused, manageable workouts each week - I live for Juliet's stories during our strength sessions - and I have made great new friends from all over the world! My FTP has improved by over 20 points and my run-off the bike has improved immensely. At 55, I PR-ed in the Olympic distance this summer!
    Jami Callahan-Brill
    TRiCLUB athlete in Virginia. Math Teacher and cheerleader extraordinaire.
  • When I joined TRiCLUB, I was looking for a middle ground between training with a coach and training independently. Lifesport’s TRiCLUB has provided me with this and so much more. The coach-led workouts push me harder and further than I’d thought possible, especially the Wednesday runs. I've always struggled with running, both with confidence and enjoyment, but the Wednesday runs have turned everything around. I now look forward to my runs, smile even when they're hard, I actually enjoy running! The Club’s coached training and educational sessions are making me a better athlete. The biggest surprise of joining TRiCLUB was the community I gained when I needed it the most. I now have some amazing friends that have become my weekly training partners, cheering squad, and greatest support crew.
    Christine Saleeba
    TRiCLUB athlete in Rhode Island. Physical therapist, bulldog owner and happy hour host.

Get started with TRiCLUB today

We offer two membership levels to fit your training needs at an affordable, flexible price.

Not sure what plan is right for you? Schedule a free consultation call with Coach Juliet and she’ll help you out!

Basic Plan

per month, 6-month commitment

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For solo-flying athletes who want the benefits of a structured training plan, community, and educational resources but can’t make the live workouts.

Live Strength

per month, month-to-month flexible

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For endurance athletes seeking strength support only. Join up to 16 LIVE, coach-led functional and traditional strength workouts a month to build a solid foundation for increased performance and injury prevention.

Premium Plan

per month, month-to-month flexible

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For athletes who want the full TRiCLUB experience, including the fun and camaraderie of live coach-led workouts as well as our library of workout recordings.

Compare memberships

Basic Live Strength Premium
Detailed training plan written and monitored by Coach Lance
Training plan delivered weekly, one month at a time
Free Training Peaks account
Boost sessions for those needing more time in swim, bike and run
Weekly video summaries to help you navigate training
Options for different distances and time-limited athletes
Virtual racing and group challenges
Monthly ChalkTalks on training, nutrition, race strategy and mental preparation
On-call coaches to help with technology and equipment set-up and choices
Bi-monthly newsletters with training tips, club updates and athlete recognition
Club Facebook and Strava groups
Regular contact with teammates via online team events
Discounts from our TRiCLUB sponsors
Rockstar Women's programming
24+ LIVE coached bike workouts a month
12+ LIVE coached runs and brick runs off the bike a month
16+ LIVE strength workouts per month
Unlimited access to recorded workouts
$20 / month
6-month commitment
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$60 / month
month-to-month flexible
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$95 / month
month-to-month flexible
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Have questions about TRiCLUB?

Check out our FAQs below, or contact us and one of our coaches will help you out.

  • Which membership level is right for me?

    Schedule a free consultation with Coach Juliet and she’ll be glad to help you find the right fit! You may also contact us directly with specific questions.

  • What if I can't make the live workouts?

    No problem! With a premium membership, we record all the live workouts so if you miss one, no sweat – you can always do it later on your own schedule.

    If you can’t ever make live workouts or prefer to just train alone, our basic membership is a good option for you. You’ll get all the benefits of a TRiCLUB membership without the live workouts.

  • I have really specific training needs and/or schedule. Can TriClub really work for me?

    TRiCLUB is an affordable group-coaching option designed to be super flexible and convenient to fit busy lives. We offer many ways to customize the training plan to fit different distance goals, schedules, and specific areas of training focus.

    However, many athletes with specific training needs and/or schedules find that private coaching works better for them. Our private coaching is highly individualized, specific, and athlete-focused training built around your goals, experience, and schedule.

    Not sure if TRiCLUB or private coaching is right for you? We’d be glad to answer your questions and help you decide! Contact us today and a member of our coaching team will help you out.

  • What is TrainingPeaks? Does that cost extra?

    TrainingPeaks is a gold-standard online platform that allows you and the coaching team to collaborate on your training plan and track your progress. You get a free TrainingPeaks account included in your TRiCLUB Basic or Premium membership.

    We’ll deliver your detailed training schedule in TrainingPeaks, so you’ll know exactly what workouts you’ll need to plan. You’ll be able to access it in any web browser and from a smartphone app. You’ll have the ability to upload your workouts as you complete them, which makes tracking your progress super easy, convenient, and fun. Our coaching team will have access to your workout data and notes that help us understand how you’re doing and adjust accordingly.

    If this is all totally new to you and feels completely overwhelming, don’t worry! Our coaching team is here to help get you set up and focused on training, not stuck and frustrated by tech stuff.

    You can learn more about TrainingPeaks and all the features from their website.

Meet the TRiCLUB Coaching Team


Lance Watson

Head Coach

Lance has coached for over 30 years at all levels. After coaching Olympic Gold and numerous Ironman Champions, he was inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame.

Lance specializes in coaching time-limited athletes of all abilities with busy life schedules who want to maximize their personal potential.


Juliet Thompson Hochman


Juliet is a rowing Olympian and age group world champion in triathlon. After careers as nonprofit entrepreneur and corporate project manager all over the world, Juliet returned to her first love: Racing and coaching.

Juliet coaches athletes of all backgrounds, experiences and life busy-ness, with a focus on supporting women in our sport.

Looking for a highly personalized coaching experience?


TRiCLUB is a great group option that offers all the benefits of community and expert coaching at an affordable, flexible price. We also offer private coaching for athletes looking for a more personalized experience.

Our private coaching is highly individualized, specific, and athlete-focused training built around your goals, experience, and schedule. Led by Lance Watson, LifeSport Coaching has twelve coaches all over the world with diverse backgrounds and experience to help you reach your triathlon and multi-sport goals.

Learn more about private coaching


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Questions? Reach out over email! Can’t wait to get you started!