Dan Smith is an NCCP, IRONMAN U and TrainingPeaks certified triathlon coach with over 20 years coaching experience. He has been around endurance and high-performance sport his entire life, and has also coached/instructed sailing, boardsailing and snowboarding.

Dan enjoys working with all level and types of athletes. From beginner triathletes looking to complete their first event; whatever the distance, to those that have specific time or placing targets. He embraces the challenge of working with those athletes looking to top their age group which has resulted in many of his athletes achieving age group wins and podiums allowing them to compete at XTERRA, 70.3 and IRONMAN World Championships. Dan’s expertise has also guided athletes to personal best performances at ULTRAman triathlon and Ultra trail running events.

His experience provides the foundation for leading IRONMAN and 70.3 event specific camps as well as giving him the opportunity to offer prerace strategy talks at races.

Dan’s philosophy is to promote a long term healthy and active lifestyle that fits into his client’s busy schedule. He is a master at structuring a week regimen that is well balanced yet challenges the athlete. Remaining grounded by promoting a family first mind set keeps his retention rate high for athletes of all experience levels.

Besides coaching, he is a top AG contender in all distances of triathlon, with age group wins at IRONMAN Canada, many 70.3 events and a podium at XTERRA World Championships in Maui. Complementing his extensive sport experience is his technical knowledge, especially in cycling, having been involved in that industry for many years. Dan is LifeSport’s technical equipment expert and at the leading edge of bicycle industry knowledge for power, bike fit and aerodynamics.

“My coaching philosophy is to develop a realistic training plan that fits in each athlete’s life. Every racer is different and has unique needs. A coach must strive to find that balance of training and recovery, while including the many other aspects of life, that allows the athlete to achieve their goals. Training and racing must be enjoyable, otherwise long-term development will be cut short. Physiological adaptation, nutrition and seasonal planning are all based on science, but I also have years of competition experience in different sports to draw from, as there are many aspects of racing that you don’t find out or appreciate unless you are there.“


Bill, Arizona, USA

“I owe a lot of racing achievements – including earning a Kona spot – to Dan for taking on the task of figuring out when and what to do for training so I could just focus on execution.”

Brighid, British Columbia, Canada

“Even in this year when races are cancelled because of the pandemic, training with Dan has really kept me sane given the combination of home schooling, working and the stress of worrying about my family’s health. Dan has such a great approach to keeping me on top of things and moving forward. I really appreciate him helping me navigate this year.”

Paul, British Columbia, Canada

“For my 60th birthday, I set a goal of running a 10K in under 40 minutes. At times it seemed impossible, and yet I achieved it. This was important and meaningful to me and it would not have happened without Dan, a truly inspirational coach.”

Shauna, British Columbia, Canada

“I cannot imagine doing triathlon without Dan as my coach. He is always in my corner.”


  • NCCP Triathlon Certified
  • IRONMAN U Certified
  • Training Peaks Level II Certified
  • LifeSport Senior Coach – Over 20 years’ experience
  • LifeSport Camp Leader
  • IRONMAN, 70.3 and XTERRA Age Group Champion
  • Healthy and sustainable lifestyle first
  • LifeSport’s Technical Equipment Expert

$395/month. 6 month term.
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