The latest triathlon bikes from Quintana Roo in 2021 have evolved into a complete aerodynamic package. All Quintana Roo bikes place the emphasis on an easily adjustable cockpit so the rider is comfortable and wind cheating as possible. 

But what makes them now so much better is that one no longer has to turn this aerodynamic marvel into a Rube Goldberg contraption with bottles, spare tubes and food taped, strapped and stuck to whatever frame surface is available.

All models from PRFour to PRSix  have top tube storage that holds bars and gels within arm’s reach. Rear mounted storage boxes improve air flow but also hold CO2 inflators, tubes and repair tools.

The PRSix2 takes hydration one step further with an integrated water bottle between the aerobars which also acts as a fairing along with the riders arms. 

On top of this, most models of Quintana Roo tri bikes have disc brakes. Many athletes might question the need for such stopping power, but any development that improves rider safety is a welcome addition. You may not need to use your brakes much in a triathlon, but if you have to stop suddenly to avoid something that has suddenly appeared in your path, disc brakes are your friend. They require the same finger pressure on the levers no matter how long they are engaged. As well, removing rim calipers allows for wider rims and tires which has been proven to be more aerodynamic (and comfortable).

Check out the latest models from Quintana Roo. Now you get the most from a bike that slices through the air with minimum resistance.

Dan Smith has trained a number of Ironman, Olympic and age-group Champions over the past two decades years. He enjoys coaching athletes of all levels. Contact Dan to tackle your first IRONMAN or to perform at a higher level.