Eating out used to occur just for special occasions. With busy work schedules, however, eating out has become more common, especially during the holidays. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making choices for optimum health, energy and body composition.

  • Look for grilled, baked, steamed and sautéed foods
    • Try to keep away from deep fried, breaded and fried
  • Include some color from fruit and veggies  
    • Choose dressing on the side
    • Limit creamy sauces
    • Request steamed or sautéed seasonal veggies
  • Choose wholegrain when possible. This helps increase fiber and slow down digestion, making your meal lower GI (glycemic index)
  • Choose alcoholic drinks wisely.
    • 1 drink = 95cal (13.6g alcohol) = 12oz/355ml 5% beer = 5 oz/150ml 10-12% wine = 1.5oz/44ml 40% spirits
    • Limit to 1-2 in social settings, alternate with water or non caloric drink
    • Wine or mixed drink with soda helps limit total calories. Watch portions!

Celine Evans is a qualified Sports Dietitian with a passion for healthy food and lifestyle that inspires her athletes to optimize their health and performance with individualized practical advice to reach their goals. To find out more about working with Celine or any of the LifeSport coaches, please email